Just Because...

Alright, so I have the best fiancee ever. I have had a really rough week and Adam has been there for the whole thing. He came over tonight and I opened the door and he handed me a yellow rose and this cute little stuffed dragon. I asked him what it was for, and he said it's just because I love you. He is totally and completely amazing. He brightens my day and I feel better about the world just by talking to him. He shows me respect and tells me he loves me and that he thinks I am beautiful. He is awesome. I know most people would say that a red rose would be more romantic, but it is so much sweeter because he knows that yellow is my favorite color. I love my future husband!

16 January 2008


Okay so I figure since I have a picture of my ring, I should have a picture of my fiancee. His name is Adam and he owns a computer repair business, and he's really good at it. He is brilliant. He is soooo strong he picks me up like I weigh nothing. He whispers in my ear and tells me how much he loves me. He treats me like a princess. He's 33 years old and a total geek :), but I love my geek and the way I feel when I'm with him. If any of you has seen Alice in wonderland and remember the tea party where they put Jam on the mouses nose to calm him down....he's the jam on my nose. I can't be upset or mad when he's there. He just makes me feel so good and happy. He has a talent for making me feel better. I love you Adam, and can't wait to marry you.

09 January 2008


So kids, remember that boyfriend I didn't know what to get for Christmas? Apparently he liked what I gave him....because he gave me a diamond ring. That's right I'm officially engaged. We talked to dad lastnight. Thhese pictures deffinately don't do the ring justice, it's really pretty. But the for now the how....We were watching a movie, so the lights were off and we were just sitting in the glow of the Christmas tree. He looked at me and got down on one knee...I'm not gonna lie I was confused...Until he grabbed my hand and said "Christy Lynn Smith will you be my wife forever and ever and ever." I must have looked really silly when I said yes with this dumb look on my face. Well we talked to my Dad last night and now it's official! So now you know. Oh his name is Adam. I can't wait to marry him, in may! Oh I was talking to my friend Amanda, who Married her husband, Adam in the Saint George Temple (where we are getting married) in May (The same week we are planning on getting married. ) It's funny to me.

05 January 2008

Sick Again

I am sick and tired of being tired and sick...the same thing, over and over. I'm totally over it. :( I am grumpy and would really just like to be healthy for an extended period of time. I guess I'll get over it. I have to...it's a big week for me. I'm supposed to meet my boyfriends family and then a short trip down to my parents. aye aye aye. Any whobee dobee. More later!

01 January 2008