friday confessional


If I only blog once a week it's the Friday confessional hummm....

-I confess I did the hardest workout I've ever done this week.
-It only lasted 10 minutes. But it as 10 minutes of pain.
-I can already see more definition in my arms and legs.

-I confess I ate toast this morning....and it made me sick.
-What the....I thought toast was supposed to make your stomach settle?

-I confess that I'm a whiner. Seriously
-Ask my husband.
-When I have to eat a protein bar I Wail loudly. They are awful
-I've considered actually PRETENDING to eat them and just throwing them away
-Like I'm 5
-The only reason I haven't is my hubby is a good sport, and has been eating veggies
-He hates veggies.
-Well He used to.He's now informed me he likes broccli, califlower and snow peas. He will eat Asparagus but is not a huge fan.

-I confess I need to take it easy. Anybody have good stress relieving ideas?
-I'm gonna have an ulcer if I don't chill out.

27 May 2011

friday confessional


*I confess that I am a stress magnet. I worry about everything
*Its true. It's a problem
*My blood sugar was 150
* I was having a panic attack so I took an ativan
*My blood sugar went down to 89
*gotta control this stress...gotta get back to exercising and maybe do some meditating.

*I confess that over the last month and a half I've lost 20.6 pounds.
*I hate dieting. So I'm not. I'm changing my eating habits permanently.

*I confess that because I've been working an insane amount of hours I haven't done a REAL work out in almost 2 weeks. It makes me cry.
* My legs are upset at me, they ache and want to get on the treadmill
* Maybe...instead of grocery shopping I will do that tonight....

20 May 2011

Reunion Rewind

Family Reunion 2011 just did a quick video.

Hope you enjoy! If you want any of the pictures (family) then let me know and I will email them.

16 May 2011

Another reunion post

I found more of my pictures. This is mostly for my fam, this is from the temple grounds and the park. Family, if you want any pictures just let me know and I will email them to you.

15 May 2011

The Re-education of Christy G or a call to love myself

I have not always been a huge fan of me. Sometimes, I am really hard on myself. I'm not thin enough, not all of my hair got dyed, my house isn't clean enough, I hardly ever wear makeup the list can go on and on. But why do that to myself. What's the point? It doesn't change anything. In Fact, most of the time it makes things worse.

I have at LEAST as many good qualities as I do bad. I am an awesome aunt, a good daughter, a loving wife. I am an excellent photographer, I sing and act well. All in all I'm a pretty cool person. I love laughing. So WHY is it, that for so long, I dread getting up and looking in the mirror? I sit and sulk cuz maybe I haven't been to church in a few weeks?

For so long I have been told I am not good enough. And I let myself believe it. Can you imagine?? I let other people dictate how I feel about myself. How lame is that? Who is in control here??? So I'm done. I'm done with hearing the bad and letting it sink in. I'm done with being guilted, because I don't look a certain way.

For the first time in my life I am proud to be me. I'm proud that I have lost 19 pounds. I'm proud that I'm doing it without the aid of herbs or radical diets or pills or anything. Me and Hubby are doing it. Portion control and exercise. I'm proud that I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I'm proud to be smart. It is something that I should celebrate, not hide to make others feel more comfortable around me. I want to make one thing very clear. I am not losing weight to conform, because I don't want to look like another robot. I enjoy being different. I am losing weight because I need to be healthy. Period. The end.

This journey, the one I'm not only taking with food, but to love myself...I've learned somethings on this path. Some awesome things.

1. I am freaking awesome. I just am.

2. Healthy food doesn't have to be boring, monotonous or gross. It can be awesome.

3. Exercise is fun. I like walking. I like running to, I just can't do it for very long yet.

4. I can't hide from who I am, and I won't do it anymore. Because who I am is awesome (see #1)

5. I can do anything I put my mind to. Sometimes it takes hard work, but that only makes it more worth it in the end.

I'm sure there are more things but I'm out of time for now. Just remember I am find out who awesome you are. Share the love. Peace.

12 May 2011

friday confessional


I confess:

- The week of mothers day is really hard
- because I wanna be a mom so badly
- BUT I have the most awesome nieces and nephews in the world
- and sometimes I feel like a second mom because,
- yes I love them that much.

-I confess I went to Wendy's last night and completely- blew my diet
-I had good intentions. Baked potato and a salad
- but once I got in there, the smell of the french fries....
- and the burgers...*drools a little* I've been wanting a cheeseburger for awhile now.
- So I had one. And now I feel guilty.
- but it was good. And worth it.
- And now I'm back to my diet.....

06 May 2011

Good times...

It's been an amazing few months. (gac! months!) So I wanted to post some pictures and tell everybody how awesome my family is. These are from a hike we took towards the beginning of our family reunion. I got lazy with my camera but it was fun. There was swimming, and hiking and pictures and boy was there food. It was amazing.

There was also my anniversary last month. Three years. The wonderful, hard, happy, fun blissful years with the man I love more than anything. He's so wonderful. He tells me day after day how beautiful I am and how much he loves me. He is special, smart, talented, kind, caring and soooo many other things. We spent the night in Midway at the world mark and had all kind of fun and food. I love that man!

01 May 2011