Parties and Trick or Treaters

Well Hello! It's been a week so I thought I'd post. Saturday before last my brother and sister in law hosted an awesome halloween party. There was home made soup and all kinds of goodies. The costumes were AWESOME. We left about 9:30 which means we didn't get home until 11 or later. That's not a big deal though. It was super fun. After that I just worked. A lot. Last night was Halloween, at least we celebrated it. WE had lots of Trick or Treaters, most of which were NOT dressed up. I've decided that next year I'm going to put up a sign on the door that says "no costume no treat" On the other hand those kids had a lot of guts. The kids who came to our house at 11:00 had more guts. They almost got tricked because I was ready to explode. But I didn't. I gave them candy and let them know it was a little bit late to be ringing peoples door bell...They disagreed. It's all good. I"m getting used to it. Teenagers.....the part of parenting I am terrified of. And no....that's not an announcement.

31 October 2010

Heber vs. Cedar

I love my husband. As proof of this love, I left my house that I adored, my family less than an hour away, WARMTH less than an hour away and a stinkin awesome deal on rent, packed up our junk, and moved to an apartment in Heber City. It's a good thing my job moves with me! I do have some family up here. I'm blessed to have awesome in laws and my brother and his wife are not too far away. It's just not the same as having my mom so close.

There are just so many more opportunities for my wonderful husband here. We are trying to find a way to get him into school. If you want to donate to the cause we wouldn't say no! ha ha. He has had a couple of job interviews, and another on Tuesday. We are hoping he gets an interview with convergys because it's a good job and they do tuition reimbursement. Oh yeah, and it pays a lot more.

We thought for half a heartbeat that we were going to be the foster parents for a 14 year old girl. But her half siblings' father offered to take her in, and he lives in Hawaii. If I had the choice (and I were here of course) I would go live with him. I mean it's FRICKIN HAWAII! Plus she gets to stay with her brother and sister.

We are still finding our niche here in Heber, but we have a great opportunity to watch our niece Sky several times a week. It's been a true delight to do that. Anyway, other than that life is fairly consistent. As, I will try to be with my posts from here on out. Once a there anyone out there who believes me?

24 October 2010