Becky tagged me, so uhhh...I guess I'm it.

What I Think:
I think that people should be kind to one another. I think that employees who are manipulative, and take advantage of my good nature should be fired. I think that I have the most awesome family in the world, both immediate, and extended.

What I Like:

I like to know I have people in my corner. I like to be at home, or out, with my husband. I like to play games and laugh. I like to feel the rain on my face. I like roller coasters and that anxious feeling that you get while you are waiting for them to get going. I love surprises. I like to dance like no one is watching sing like no one can hear. I like to feel the sand between my toes as the oceanic waves splash on my legs. I like to wake up and smell the fresh air. I like to hold hands with my husband and look in his eyes and hear him say that he loves me. I like a lot of things.

What I Know:

That no matter how crappy of a day I've had, I can come home and my husband will snuggle me. I know that my family loves me and supports me. (Thanks guys for the beautiful wedding, I think princess Di would have been jealous!) I know that I belong to the church that has the WHOLE truth, and that my family is a forever family.

What I Want:
I want to be able to sleep through the night, without waking up at 4 AM. I want a bed that both Adam and I fit in. I want my own home, in Southern Utah or Hawaii.

What I see:

I see the three walls of my cubicle, and the employee appreciation certificates. I also see my phone and my ipod speaker...with no ipod attached because someone stole it :(

I am tagging whomever has a desire to share this information.

29 May 2008

Calming down

The gifts have stopped coming, I have been at work without missing a day for two weeks, and so I think that things are finally calming down. We love our new apartment and will be sad when we have to leave it in just four three short months. We are looking for something a little bit more permanent, so I can finish up school and Adam can start.

We really like our new ward. Everyone has been very friendly, and I was so grateful for all the help we received moving in. It brought me to tears. They were so willing to drop what they were doing and just help out, even on such short notice.

Knowing that we have a support network, a good support network, makes me so grateful for the the gospel. Speaking of the gospel, I sent Miah a "greenie package" where everything in the package is green. I'm so proud of him. The mission is a hard thing. The MTC is an amazing place and if you could stay there indefinitely, it would be a lot easier. Going from the MTC to the field, is how I would imagine going from the pre-earth life to our current mortal life would feel if we could remember it. Calm, organized everyone working toward the same goal to chaos with a lot more agency, not really knowing what's going on, but trying to do our best to get back to the people we love, and do it with honor.

Now that I've gone off on a random tangent. I actually had an openhouse up here. I did a poor job of letting people know so only three people showed up. I felt bad until I realized that it was my fault for having it in the middle of the week, and not really letting people know. :D I bet I would have had more people come if I'd posted it on my blog!

14 May 2008