Sometimes you feel like a nut

Okay, so yesterday was one of those Alexanders no good very bad days, but today will be better. I want to blog about the two major events that happened since I last blogged. I will in chronological order...


We had plans to go and spend Christmas with my family, but that didn't happen because Adam and I were both too sick, and we didn't want to get my sisters brand new baby sick. So we had our own little Christmas by ourselves. Adam stayed up til 6 cleaning, then he woke me up to open presents because he couldn't wait anymore. Adam surprised me with Guitar Hero and a sewing machine! I am so excited. He got a bunch of little stuff like a foot massager, and uno attacks, becuase he refused to tell me what he wanted for Christmas. It was cute. As soon as we opened presents Adam went to bed and I played guitar hero. It was a good time, until I fell asleep playing, at which time I took a nap. Then I woke up and started dinner. I made my first ham! It was soooo good, but it was huge and we STILL have some left in the freezer.

PJ elf came to visit Christmas eve and this was the results.

This was my first attempt at a ham. turned out REALLY good. :D

THis is one of the ways that Adam let me know that he loves me.

New years eve was pretty much the same. We were planning on going to a party but it was cancelled at the last minute so I went to the store and got some treats and we celebrated our first new year together as a couple watching movies, playing games and I got my first new years kiss. It was very very pleasant Well I love you all and hope you are having a great new year!

20 January 2009