A sad thing to do.

I am happy. I love my fiancee, and in six days, he will be my husband. He is a good man and I am lucky to have him. I am excited and scared and nervous and anxious about all the things that we have to get done before Saturday. But there is something else weighing on my mind that I need to get off my chest. A few people decided that they would bet on how long my marriage, and a few others, would last. They gave me three months. I thought that's a sad thing to do. Hoping other peoples marriage will fail.

I feel sad for those who feel it necessary to condemn other people's happiness. They must feel awfully sad themselves. I am sorry for their loneliness, and hope that the judgment they have used does not fall on themselves, when the do find someone to be with.

It also makes me think these "friends" do not know me at all. I'm not a quitter. I don't stop just because things are not turning out the way I thought they would or should. Adam is a good man and I would not be marrying him if I didn't know him very well, or if I thought that it would fail. I look forward to eternity with the man I love, and nothing, and no one will get in the way of that.

13 April 2008