In between

I know you were all dying to know how things went yesterday...So I thought I'd give you a "tweener update" since we are not yet in our new place.

Yesterday was....interesting. We had decided we were going to be 100 % ready to load up by ten regardless so that if we only had help to get everything into the carport we could at least do that. So the night before almost everything was packed, including bedding and I had leaned the beds up against the wall so they would be ready. Where do we sleep you ask? Well because Adam has a bad back he insisted he sleep on the couch, and I would sleep on the floor next to him. He tried to get me to sleep on the couch but I needed him the next day so I insisted he slept on the couch. Well we got to "bed" about two thirty in the morning. I laid there tossing and turning for about an hour before finally settling down. Just as I was about asleep a spider ran across my face. Well that was it. If you know me, you know how I feel about's not a positive feeling. I was DONE sleeping on the floor. There was a fold out bed for one person in the oversized chair and I decided that would be where I would rest my head. So round about five thirty or six I finally chilled out enough that I fell asleep. I was really annoyed when the alarm went off at eight for us to get to work cleaning and packing.

We did what we could and rested for a few minutes before the EQP came. We did call him to alert him to the time change, he just came in the morning to make sure that if anyone came they could come back when we had the one came so it wasn't a big deal. He took some stuff up and put it in the garage and then left so he could come back at two thirty once we had the truck. Right after he left around eleven they called us to go pick up the truck (YAY!!!) That took an hour from us, because the closest one was in Payson...thirty minutes away. When the EQP came back he started hauling some of the heavier stuff up, by himself since no one else came, so I started helping. He thought I was struggling, so I directed. Zach was sick so he wasn't sure he could come, but I begged and pleaeded and offered to buy him dinner and he came and helped. Even though he was feeling like crap. When I got back one other person from the ward had shown up, and Adam's family had been there for a bit and were helping with the cleaning. Even my father in law who probably shouldn't have been lifiting such heavy objects was helping out. I was in the storage shed trying to figure out what should go to the DI and should be loaded moved a box, and found a mouses nest. Mice are another thing I would prefer to steer clear of, and there were three of them staring me down...I won, but only because I started screaming and it startled them into running away. After that I was done with the storage shed, luckily there were only two boxes left in it. So we got loaded (the truck we weren't drinking) and everyone left. Afterward we spent a couple more hours cleaning. The crazy part is we were doing things I dont think had ever been done before (behind the fridge and stove was BLACK...sick) our landlord called and asked us if we were ready, but not before our upstairs neighbor did a preemptive check (she said she'd never seen the apartment so clean thank you very much Adam :)) So I went and filled up the car with gas, and got some snacks and five hour energy shots (with approximately three hours of sleep and a long drive ahead of us you gotta do what ya gotta do.) and drove back to our old place and our landlord was already gone. After cleaning (and I mean ultra cleaning, window tracks and everything) she spent two minutes in the apartment. She checked the stove, the fridge and flicked on a couple of light switches and that was it. I was pretty upset. I mean seriously what was the point?!?! Well she, of course took our keys and we had no where to stay that night so we dedcided to drive down despite the fact that it was 930 at night. It was a long drive, because Adam could only go 60 and we had to stop a bunch of times to stretch and wake ourselves up, and we finally got to my parents house, sore and tired, but safe, around 200 in the morning. I will let you know how the move in went once we get all set up.

31 May 2009


Sigh. I'm taking a break from packing to vent. I'm about 80 % ready for this move we had people coming to help us, we were going to be perfectly ready at 10 when everybody got here. Everything in the living room and kitchen so we would only have minor cleaning to do. Well Uhaul called today to confirm our reservation....for 3 PM. fine....except we have to have everything off the floor for the carpet cleaning by....3 PM. If I had a magic wand we wouldn't need the help. Locomotor everything!....well as my magic wand seems to be broken, or nonexistent, take your pick you can see that we are in a little bit of a pickle. Pickles are yummy to eat...not so yummy to be in. So I guess it's time to pray, and hopefully we can get stuff ready to go, and get the big stuff out of here...wish us luck....and keep us in your prayers. When we have internet connection again, I will let all my loyal readers ;) know how it went.

29 May 2009

10 Things I've learned from the past year.

10. I HATE hate hate hate HATE ants. Once they find their way in they never leave....EVER.
9. If there is even a SLIGHT possibility that you need something, don't pack it and put it where you have no idea where it is. Like the ant spray...
8. Make nice with the neighbors, even if they are crazy, and especially if they live right above you.
7. When packing, you will always be short exactly one box.
6. It's better to pack clothes in garbage bags, you can carry more and they are easier to load.
5. The only kind of fish that travels well is betas. Betas NEVER die. unless of course you break their backs (don't ask)
4. Even the worst snow storms end.
3. I miss my husband when I'm not with him. He makes me smile.
2. Even if I go for seven months with out seeing my family, they love me and I love them.
1. I have the best husband in the world. He loves me and cares about me. He makes me laugh and smile. When I'm crying he can always make me see the humor in any situation.

26 May 2009

First Sunburn of the season.

This past Saturday was our big yard sale. You know, the one you have right be fore you move? We got up way earlier than we should have...okay it was only 7 but still...and I hauled four boxes of stuff up our awful stairs and set up. Adam and I sat there for four hours. The first three hours were...lets say an epic failure. Three hours of my time and I got nuthin. Not even a nibble. People would drive past and not even get out and look. Then our neighbors brought out their vacuums. Then people started shopping. At noon we had made $19 bucks...and they made $53. I think it's fair to say, I will not be doing another yard sale.....ever. I really enjoyed my time in the sun, as I always do, and I was so concerned about keeping Adam out of the sun I completely forgot about screening myself. So half my face (I was wearing a hat crooked) a nice v on my neck, and my forearms are crispy fried. I forgot how easy I burn. well I will get over it, and all the extra stuff will end up at the DI, or on craigslist (anyone need a computer moniter? $5 bucks limited time only!) and we will get to our new two weeks....

18 May 2009

Happy....Late...Mothers Day

"Mother is the name of God on the lips and hearts of all children" - The Crow

I have so many mothers in my life that I want to say thank you to.

My Marmie:
Thank you. She is a beautiful woman, inside and out. She is more virtuous and Christlike than anyone I have ever met. She sacrifices so much for anyone in need. She is truly angelic. She is caring and accepting. She has a strong testimony of the gospel and is more loving and caring than anyone I have ever met. She has taught all of her children well. She goes out of her way to make sure we each feel so special. She always came to my performances, and that's saying a lot since I was ALWAYS in something. Whenever I get sick she is right there. Mom is also very humble. I can just see her reading this and feeling a little uncomfortable. Mom don't. you are wonderful and amazing...and I love you.

My mother in law:
Thank you for making me feel so accepted. So many people groan at the thought of spending time with their in laws, I have been so blessed to be a part of the Gale family. I never feel like I have just joined the family. I feel like I have always been a part. I know I am welcome. Again, thank you.

AKA Superwoman. She scrapbooks, she power shops, her house is always spotless and her kids always look great. On top of it all she has time to make jewelry, and has quiet a talent. She is so thoughtful. I don't know how she does it all...I sit back and wonder.

Another superwoman. She stands tall when I think I would crumble, and she does it far away from family. She is sweet and thoughtful and great with her kids. She always knows just what to say to me when I'm down. I love you!

My dear sister in law, a single mom going through a lot. She always takes time to be with her daughter, and makes sure Sky knows that she is loved, and she will always be supported.

She did a lot of work on mom in law's house and she takes care of four kids in a not very big space. I have sooooo much admiration for her.

Jen is upbeat and fun. I really enjoy playing games with her because she has that competitive edge. She works with kids all day and comes home to her kid at night. Wow.

Then there are those of us who don't have our own kids yet. Esther and I. We get to play with the kids, sugar them up, wind them up and then send them home. I love all my nieces and nephews and I cant wait to have kids of my own.

There is nothing quite like a mom. I love all the moms in my life! You all rock!

13 May 2009