The Thursday Followup

Well I did go to the doctor on Thursday and it went really well. One test said I had mild diabetes, and the other said I was pre-diabetic. I know that doesn't sound like good news, but it is. Because if I lose weight it will most likely go away. I will of course have to be careful the rest of my life, and when I finally do get pregnant I will get gestational diabetes, but I can live a normal life. I can beat it! It may have been the only way I could have ever found the motivation to lose weight. This is the last of the posts I will write here about this, until I am declared non-diabetic. If your interested in my progress then you can head over to my weight loss blog:

27 March 2011

Life Changing Events

There are things that happen throughout your life that alter your course. Things like marriage, death, birth, moving, losing your job, getting a new job and....diagnosis. One of these things happened to me today. Guess which one.

I went into the doctor as a followup since they changed my medication. For those of you who don't know, I have clinical depression, due to a chemical imbalance. Dr. F. Changed my medication because what I was on just wasn't working anymore. She's awesome. We talked about getting me on clomid, so that we could usher in another life changing event. She decided to start me with Metformin, or gluophage, since that's what they generally start people with Polycystic Ovarian Sydrome (PCOS) on to induce pregnancy. I'm not diagnosed with that but she said she wanted to treat me that way. This must have got her thinking. She said she wanted to test my blood sugar and asked when the last time I ate anything was. Dinner last night was the last thing I ate and I told her so.

So she asked me to jump back on the table and had the nurse come in and prick my finger and take a few drops of the precious blood that keeps me alive. She took it and spun it around, and did I don't know what all. We waited for about 10 minutes and Dr. F. came back in. I held Adam's hand and she told me I have Diabetes.

The world stopped for three heartbeats, and the words rang in my ears. Tears just started rolling down my face. She gave me a second and then started asking some questions. She wanted me to get some blood work done, just to confirm her diagnosis.

So now.....we wait. I have another doctors appointment on Thursday to get some more information, and get a final diagnosis. Right now I am just full of fear. All I have are questions. Thursday can not come soon enough.

22 March 2011