I owe the world a living

There has been a lot on my mind lately, and I've had a really hard time organizing it into coherency.  I hope you can follo this post without too much trouble. 

Yesterday was the primary election here in Utah.  Next week is Independence Day.  I've never really realized how close these two events are together.  Independence day used to be a day for fireworks, and to hang out with family, and an excuse to not work.  Then I met my Dear Husband.

Adam is a true patriot if there ever was one. I've never met someone who loved this country so much.  Who really wanted to fight for what it stands for.  For life, liberty and the PURSUIT of happiness.  Our GOD GIVEN rights.  The ONLY things we are entitled to.  

I get so frustrated with people who think that they are ENTITLED to so much.  Freedom, opportunity and entitlement are three ENTIRELY different things.  

To be perfectly blunt, I am embarrassed by a lot of my generation.  They have the grashopper mentality of 
"Oh the world owes me a living
Deedle dardle doodle deedle dum
Oh the world owes me a living
Deedle dardle doodle deedle dum
If I worked hard all day I might
Sleep badder when in bed at night
I sleep all day so that's alright
Deedle dardle doodle deedle dum" 

The problem with this is, that living has to come from somewhere.  So those who work hard, and seize opportunities are made to pay for it.  You are NOT entitled to my paycheck.  I work hard for my living, to help support my family, and I can not support others.  Ugh.  I"m going in a direction I didn't want to go.  But this IS my blog. 

We need to stop putting our hands out, and start getting them dirty.  You are NOT too good for fast food.  I have had a job since I was 11 years old.  Sometimes it was just babysitting, mostly though, it was a real come-to-work-punch-in-and-out-get-a-paycheck kind of job.  Yes, some of the time it was in the food service industry.  I am truly grateful to my heavenly father for my job.  I feel good about how I do it, I work hard, and long, but I know that I have EARNED nearly everything I have.  None of it is bought on credit, none of it is still being paid for.  It's out and out paid for.  

I don't have everything I want, but I have what I need, and I have those around me who I KNOW love me. Even Mr. T. LIKES me.  (does that mean I'm doing something wrong as a parent?) I have a roof over my head, food to eat, clothes to wear, shoes on my feet and a car to drive.  THAT is what makes me part of the 1%. I don't have extra money in the bank, but I have enough.  I appreciate, very much, the things I have been gifted, and the things that I have earned.  

I may be ridiculed for this post. I may have finally ticked off enough people that NO one will read anymore.  But this is something that I can not get off of my mind.  I really hope we can get away from the grasshopper mentality, and get back to what will really and truly save our nation...The ANT mentality:

  "Oh I owe the world a living
Deedle dardle doodle deedle dum, ah-choo!
Oh I owe the world a living
Deedle dardle doodle deedle dum, ah-choo!
I got a bad cold in my head
You ants were right the time you said
You've got to work for all you get
Deedle dardle doodle deedle dum, ah-choo"


27 June 2012

It's BORING...

Mr T is constantly bored.  He is still getting to know people around here and so has not as many friends as he could. The result?  

I swear it's like this 96% of the time.  The only time I don't hear that is when he is playing Wii...and lets face it...I can't let him play Wii all day, as much as I would like to.  Since I work all day, and A. Sleeps due to working on his new business venture all night, Mr T is often on his own for entertainment.  (Luckily I work from home so I can be here if he needs me.  

I looked at  A LOT of ways to entertain an 8 year old. A LOT. But most of them require either parental involvement, supervision or other kids.  So I picked over, and cannibalized, several lists and came up with stuff he can do on his own.  The result? Awesomeness.  

My Unfinished list of 101 things for an only child to do....

1. Write a letter to a family member
2. READ!!!!
3. Write a story
4. Draw Pictures for the story you just wrote
5. Jam out to some music! LIsten and dance.
6.  Play with our dog (not right for every one obviously)
7. Wash the table
8. Pick up your room
9.  Draw
10. Color (no folks they aren't the same) 
11.  Feed the dog
12 Pick up the living room
13. Build a fort
14 Take a nap
15. Call a friend
16. Take pictures
17 Draw on the sidewalk
18. Quiet time (30 Minutes)
19.  Exercise
20.  Create a journal and write in it.  
21. Use your toys to create a story
22.  Create a collage with pictures from magazines
23.  Play with legos
24. Play with Play-Dough
25.  Nature Rubbings
26. Tie your shoes with one hand
27.  Make a paper airplane and see how far you can make it go
28. Make another paper airplane and beat your record
29.  Jump on a trampoline
30. Blow bubbles
31.  Make an award for a friend
32. Wash the car
33. Invent a language and write it down
34. Bean bag toss
35. Play with Silly putty
36. take a bath (with toys!) 
37.  Fold and put away rags
38 Fold and put away clothes
39 gon on a nature hunt in the back yard
40. Find a cool rock on your nature walk
41 Draw a picture of a bug you found outside
42.  Do a puzzle
43. Water plants
44.  Listen to an audio book
45.  do a craft
46 origami
47 Make a paper chain to count down how many days til school starts (or other thing you are looking forward to) 
48 Tie knots in a rope
49 Make shadow puppets
50. Have a scavenger hunt (this requires a little bit of prep time from mom or dad, but can be done ahead of time!
51. Bug race (use potato bugs!) 
52 Learn a magic trick
53. Try writing with your left hand
54.  draw a picture of your favorite dinner. 
55. Draw a picture with your toes
56.  Build a card house
57.  Make a placemat
58.  Make a paper helicopter
59. Find, and write to, a pen pal
60.  Draw a picture of yourself
61 shoe box guitar
62.  Sock puppet show
63. Create a star show
64.  Make a time capsule
65. Make a nature display
66. Draw on a shirt with washable marker
67 Finger paint
68.  Fun Freeze (freeze little objects ie legos or other small things in a big chunk of ice. Have them try to get them out...no knifes!) 
69.   Make an obstacle course
70. Do your own scrap book page
71.  Make a calming glitter Jar and/or play with it
72.  make a paper boat
73. Make a Mini Me
74. Build a tower with jenga blocks
75.  Paint outside with water
76. Make a pillow path...Don't touch the lava!!!
77.  Jug catch
78. Waterfall game
79.  Make a movie
80 Draw a picture to go with the story we read last night
81. Make up a song
82.  Make a diorama
83.  Play with a hand held game
84.  Play with my iPod
85. Noodle Balloon race
86. Bubble Snake
87. Sweep the floor
88. Create a cotton ball statue
89. Create a statue with mini marshmallows and tooth picks. 
90. Pom Pom Angry birds
91. Make  a paper hat
92. Make a froot loop necklace
93. Make a pillow pile and jump into it
94. Indoor bowling
95. Rock crafts (paint them or build a statue)
96. Make a piece of clay jewelry
97. Make a paper space Ship
98. PLay with the wii for 30 minutes
99. Watch tv for an hour

and that's why it's unfinished......anyone have two more ideas?  

20 June 2012

The Stupendous Mr. T

I am so blessed to have Mr. T in my home right now.  No, I"m not taking in the former A Team member. Mr T is my friend who is staying with us.  He's 8 and he flippin cracks me up.  I don't know where he comes up with some of the things he says.  But seriously, I asked him if he wanted broccoli pizza, and he said yes! The kid LOVES veggies. And fruits. His head almost exploded when I showed him a butterfly made of grapes.  He's been with us for just over a week, and I get to read to him every night.  He loves it.  It's our special time.  He's silly and energetic and very sensitive (even if he won't show it to you)  It has definitely been an adventure.  To all the moms that I've sugared up your kids and sent them home hyper, I"m sorry. I won't ever do it again. Well we all know THAT part is a blatant lie.   I probably will do it again.  Because kids are fun :) 

It has been interesting finding his likes and dislikes, and his needs and wants.  Mr T is a great helper, unless you use the word "chore" Then.....with no better way to put it......all hell breaks loose.  So instead of creating a "chore" list, we ask him to do things as we go. So far, so good.  I really am looking forward to the next few months! Mr T is awesome! So in the words if his namesake:

I Pity da foo' who dosen't get to know Mr T!!!

13 June 2012