How much is that doggie in the window...

So the other day we had an interesting experience. I was getting ready for the day and I heard a rustling in the other room. Feeling brave, I went to investigate. I knew Adam was upstairs so there were about a hundred thousand thins my mind was thinking it could be. The room was empty so I went to look out the basement window and to my surprise I found this little fellow...

He's a sweet little prarie dog. He was fairly tame but had fallen down the window well and was stuck. So we made a rescue attempt. Well you can imagine he was fairly frightened. So Adam bravely reached down and pulled out the bucket he was in and he took off like a shot. Poor guy was scared to death. Just because I thought he was so quite and sweet here's another picture...

Ever since this incident I've been singing how much is that doggie in the window....poor Adam must be going nuts. Anyway he was really cute and I miss him.

On another note I was really angrey because worked so hard on my garden and it was being eaten alive. I was so frusterated because we couldn't QUITE afford bug killer, so Adam went online and found a way to kill a soup can put about an inch of oil and then add some soy sauce to attract them. Bury the can up to about a quarter inch from the top and put the excess dirt around the edges so they can get it. Well the first night there was about 70 earwigs in the mixtrue. I couldn't believe it. My garden is doing so much better. Thanks Honey for being so wonderful.

27 June 2009

Battle of the Weeds and GNO

So I finally have an area where I can start gardening. I'm really excited about this....and I've already learned a lot. I've learned mostly about weeds, because before you can start have to get rid of them. I've also learned that the people before us didn't really have much of a garden because some of the weeds I've been battling have roots nearly as thick as two of my fingers that go half way to China! There are some weeds that are like okay, I don't belong here you can take me. These are so easy to pull. Then there are weeds who know they don't belong there but don't want to go. I had to work a little to get them out. Then there are the devils weed. I fought with one for prolly half an hour. I won...mostly. These are the weeds...

As a child we would love these, they have little seeds that look like cheese wheels, so we called them cheesies. We would harvest the "cheese" and eat it. As an adult, I hate them. They hate me. We are not friends, nor will we ever be. I will wage war against these weeds until they have been completely exterminated. At least in my garden. And my lawn. And maybe all of Cedar City.

A brief farewell to our Beta Gus Gus who we will miss. He came with us cross state three times, and I've had him since before we got married. how long are Betas supposed to live? Just looked it up....they should live about 3 years....that's how old he was so I guess that's good.

There is one more thing I would like to post before I mother in law's family has a girls nite once a month it's fun. All the Aunts, Sisters, Cousins, Nieces over the age of 18 get together for dinner. It's a laugh. We have a really good time. I was wondering if anyone down here in Southern Utah would be interested in doing something like that. Leave a comment and let me know and if it's something people are interested in, I will organize it.

09 June 2009

Home at last

Adam think's I've put this off long enough, so I will post about our It was amazing, dangerous and overwhelming. I'm bruised from head to to (almost literally) but everything is inside and we are in our new place. We couldn't love it anymore. We got here about 11 AM on the 1st of June and got the keys to our new place. The bishop came over and welcomed us to the ward (I've never had that happen before love it here already) and that help would arrive by 5 PM. We started moving some of the lighter boxes inside, and then relaxed for a little while until my parents got here around 3ish. One of the young men came a little after they did and that's when it got busy. I swear to you this boy, Damonie, would have moved the whole truck by himself. But Dad did a good job keeping up with him. A 54 year old Man keeping up with a 12 year old boy who could bench press his mom....pretty impressive. So by the time the EQ and Young Men showed up, all that was left was the couches and the washer and dryer. I did help, I got kicked in the head by a chair, and I don't know what I was carrying when I hit my shin, but I've got a nice bruise there, and the whole heel of my hand has been bruised from setting up the bed....anyway back to the story. A few people showed up around five...and then more people,...and then more people...all in all about 15 people came to help out. I was so greatful I almost cried. They got our couches inside and even set up our washer and dryer. So now we just have piles of boxes everywhere. I will post pictures of our new place when we get it a little more organized, and then I will post what I'm going to do to the place...muah ha ha ha. I have premission for accent walls, and I'm going to make couch covers and pillows for the couches, and I'm getting excited just thinking aobut it. Anyway, it's going to be wonderful, and I finally feel like we have a home...not just a house. I love sitting by the window and looking out and seeing the beautiful mountains, and the sky....We also found out that we are going to be loosing our's being split up, which makes me sad, even though we haven't been to it yet...we've already been shown so much love. And thank you to all who helped with the move out, and the move in.

04 June 2009