My First Mothers Day

So, realistically, this is NOT my first mothers day.  However, all of my adult life, I have dreaded mothers day.  I loved celebrating my mom.  She is amazing, and I could not have received a better mother. No way.  

I have always felt that Mothers Day was a reminder of my failure as a woman. That I am broken, my body does not work the way it is supposed to. It is a day I have spent crying and hiding from the world, embarrassed.

My body has not changed, I still have never given birth. HOWEVER, I have two AMAZING litte girls.  Yes, I have been slacking. For the past six months I have had Sweet Pea (9) and Monkey (almost 2) in my home.  I am mommy to them.  I get to be with them for hard days, and happy days. I get to cheer them on in performances and track meets. I hold them when they get hurt, I kiss their owies. I drive them around, cook for (and with) them. I explain things I'd rather not. (Mom what's a virgin? holy cow scriptures bringing up stuff).  I am their Mom.  

I woke up this morning to roses and a bike from my husband, and a handmade card from Sweet Pea. She wrote a poem for me:

You are nicer than a teacher.
(Simils) better than the sun.
Coolest Mom ever!
This poem may not (ryim). 
The words aren't spelled right, but I love you with all my heart forever!

There were tears.  I love the drawing, the misspelled words.  I  L.O.V.E. being a mom.  

12 May 2013