So this is love...or....Happy birthday to me...

My dear sweet hubby takes such good care of me. For Valentines day we both had to work, but we had some fun times anyway. We went to Tucanos YUM! They had a valentines day special, and it was fabulous food, beautiful flowers and linens and candles on the table. They also gave us chocolate covered strawberrys and a rose. The only problem was there was a three and a half hour wait. That ended up okay because we went to Boarders and read and look for books. It was the best valentines day I've ever had. You may ask what did my hubby get me for valentines day?? A dryer. I'm super stoked. It get's here on the 25th.

Since my birthday is so close to valumtimes day I thought I would post both at the same time. Today I worked. But my hubby made reservations and we went out to dinner and to see Confessions of a Shopaholic it was really fun. Since my DVD player caught on fire a few days ago, my sweet hubby got me a Blue Ray DVD player! WOO HOO! But he also got me a curling iron! I can do my hair yay! I just want to tell Adam, since he will read this, how much I love and appreciate how hard he works to make me feel so special. He is my knight in shining armor, and I love that he calls me his angel. Thank you Adam!!!

21 February 2009

RIght back where I started from...

So the previous post was my recent trip to California to see Becky and Hyrum's new baby blessed. It was an adventure filled with laughs and tears. The best way to recant this wild and crazy tale is a day by day recap. Lets start at the very beginning....
Thursday morning I got up bright and early, actually it was dark and early. I had to be at the airport by six thirty, which means a four thirty wake up call for Christy YAY! Smooth sailing until I got on the plane...then the ride got a little bumpy. There was a lot of turbulence, and if hadn't been so frightened myself I would have felt sorry for the young family flying with a baby, that cried the whole way. I left a freezing place and landed in paradise. It was a beautifully nice and war day...I couldn't have asked for anything more. I gathered my luggage and waited at the curb. With my flight being early and Becky running a little behind I was at the airport for...lets just say awhile. I had forgotten to send my flight plans ahead, and was starting to wonder if I had told her I would get there at 9 PM instead of 9 AM. This resulted in four collect calls to my dear sweet hubby, and 80 dollars in charges. YIPES! Won't do that again. Luckily Adam is good at correcting my mistakes, and we will only be paying 30 dollars of that. ANYWAY Becky drove around the loop three or four times, and each time she looped, I went inside to make a call. Finally she got out of the car and walked around...this wasn't good planning on my part, but it resulted in me getting a new cell phone he he he. So we stopped at a park and played around before headding out to Disneyland. By the time we got there we were all hungery and so we sat down to eat lunch. The kids were a little dissappointed and just wanted to go ride on the rides, especially Gager. He wanted none of it, in fact he said "You guys said we were going to Disneyland, but we are just eating!!" We had a good chuckle and then finsihed eating and ran far and long to play and stare at the wonder that is Disneyland. Lincoln and Shaunie are both big enough to ride on the grownup rides and so Golden and I took them on spacemountian and Indiana Jones. On space mountian I was afraid Shaunie grabbed onto my arm and held it tight the whole time, which I was totally okay with because she's so tiny I was afraid she was gonna fly out...worry wart Aunt Christy. This day actually made me realize how brave Lincoln is. He looks things he's afraid of in the eye and tackels them. He's a worrier like me, and he told me he needed to go on more scary rides so he wouldn't be so scared of them. On Indiana Jones both Lincoln and Shaunie kept their heads's a pretty intense ride. We were all pretty tired so we only rode one or two more rides and then we packed it in and went home to watch amovie and eat dinner.

Friday morning I started hearing the kids bright and early, and when I pulled the blanket from off my face, there were two little eyes peeking over the edge of the couch. Timmy thought I had enough of sleeping, how sweet of him! We decided to forgo Disneyland until Saturday when Mom and Dad could go with us and head to the Zoo. On the way we decided to get subway sandwiches. I got a Turkey with EVERYTHING but jalapanios (this is important because of what follows) it even had avacados. It was SOOOOOO good. The kids were hungery and so we sat down to eat as soon as we got there. The kids had a plain ham and cheese sandwich. Well Little Miss Lacie took one bite and decided mine looked WAY better. She put her's down and looked at me expectantly and said "bite". So, silly me, I thought, one bite and she will not like it with onions and everything. The little monkey ate four inches of my footlong! She even picked out an onion and ate it! She loved it! The girl has good taste...what can I say. :) We had a lot of fun while at the zoo. :) At one point Becky went to go feed Ellie and left me with Dewy and Timmy, who by the way when going up and down hills throw their hands up in the air and scream, pretneding they are going on a roller coaster, it's really cute. ANYWAY we decided to chill with the giraffes, because they were chillin right by the fences. Well Timmy saw one eating and thought he should feed it....his brand new shoes. Luckily he is not that tough, being only two. We all had a good laugh and Golden had the good senses to use one of the strollers to fish it out. After Becky rejoined us we went to watch the chimps yell at each other (the monkeys not the kids) and eat snacks. We then played on the playground for a few minutes and then it was one more stop and then we were outta there. Lincoln wanted to see the parrot and so we stopped at a little bird enclave. On the way out Gage decided it was his turn to push Lacie, and someone had gotten sick and he stepped right over it despite multiple warnings. About 20 seconds later he stops dead in his tracks, his eyes pops wide open and says "Wait a minute, did I just step in throw up??" After assuring him he didn't, I tossed him up on my shoulders (Timmy was back in the stroller) and Kendra took over pushing Lacie. On the way out I asked Gage if he wanted to stay with the monkeys. He said no and I asked him why not he said "people would say, 'why is there a little boy in there with the monkeys?' I laughed for like five minutes. When we got home, the adults, minus me, went grocery shopping while I played with the kids on a slip n slide (yes in January. A side note about that, Becky gave me the cutest swimsuit for my birthday! Yay! The kids stayed in the water until their lips were blue and the sun went down. There was much wrapping in blankets, and warm jammies after that. They had so much fun. The older two, Lincoln and Shaunie and I stayed up later to watch a movie while the couples went out to dinner (a date AND a babysitter???) FYI if you haven't figured out by this point, I was flying solo. Adam had to work. Lacie woke up, and decided she deffinately did not need to go to bed. She watched the movie a little bit, and then I pulled her into my lap, and asked her if she wanted to go to Disneyland the next morning. Of couse she said yes, and so I reminded her that she needed to go to sleep first. I have never seen a kiddo so eager to go to sleep. Mom and Dad got there and shared their room with me, so I could get some sleep. Mom and Dad had requested a rollaway and the left A sheet. One sheet. Mom and I went to the office to obtain a second sheet and the lady there looked at me like I was crazy. "You need more than one?" oy...My reply was to giggle and say "usually." Mom had a little better tact and said "one for the top and one for the bottom." Yeah....Friday was a fun day :).

Saturday We got an early start so that we could play the WHOLE day at Disneland. Dad, Mom and I went over to becky's place to see if we could all fin into two cars, but there are just too many of us now. We got separated driving, and it took us a while to get regathred. Once we did though, the first thing we did was SPLASH MOUNTAIN!!! Even Gager was tall enough to ride! It was so fun. Gage said it was "super awesome" and subsequently tried, unsucessfully to convince Dewy that it's not scary, it's really fun. We rode pirates of the carribean a couple of times, and space mountian again. We also went on Start Tours. By the end of the day we were all pretty tired by then so we headed home. We helped Becky a little then went back to the Hotel so we could get some sleep for the blessing on Sunday.

Sundy: The day was engulfed with the Blessing and visiting. It was a beautifull blessing and there was really good food and four dozen Krispy Kreme involved. After the Johnsons left, Dewy and Timmy were excited that attention was all theirs. I took some video of Dewing doing somer salts and Dewy and Timmy singing. It was hilarious. That evening we got to hear Sister Julie B Beck speak, and it was beautiful and inspiring. The best part of that was when she shook Mom's hand and Mom about cried. She also commented on Ellie and how beautiful she is. Mom, Dad and I stayed at Becky's house again, and I slept on thier floofy couch.

Monday morning I again woke to two little eyes peering over the side of the couch. I Growled at Timmy and he giggled and ran away. Mom Becky and I took the kiddos and went shopping to get out of Dad's hair while he studied. Shortly after that it was time for me to fly home to my honey!!! It was a happy reunion.

17 February 2009

California here I come...

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09 February 2009