Darkest Before the Dawn

I'm not that much of a poet, but sometimes I feel the need to express myself through poetry, so people who read my blog will be required to endure.

I Pray for guidance as the world crubmles around me.
The last fading light leaves the sky, as I beg it to set me free.

I grasp at the stars but even they lose their light.
I grasp all around me, flailing, trying to put up a fight.

The I hear a voice in the dark. A whisper so quiet and still,
"Hush now, my child, for I know my will,
Each promise I made, I will fulfill.

Each trial you go though will make you prepared for what is to come,
So when it's all done, you can come home.

When your heart is troubled, and you don't feel you can go on...
Remember these words, 'It's darkest 'fore dawn.'"

11 September 2009

I don't have a witty blog post title.

So I am a slacker. This has been determined in MANY previous posts. But I wanted to hit the highlights of the past....while. The last time I posted I told you about my adventures in Indio, CA. Well we had the chance to head up to see our Gale family and we did a couple of things that are noteworthy. First of all, we added a member of our family.....

His name is Hercules. He's naughty and sweet and loving and such a brat. He chews on my favorite shoes and poops in the house. He eats out of the garbage and hogs the bed. And I absolutely couldn't love him any more. He sits on my feet and follows me around He loves me unconditionally and when I put him in time out, I'm still the first person he runs to when he gets out. We bonded instantly and he's so sweet.

We also took a trip to the cabin where Adam spent every summer until he was probably 16. It was so beautiful, and I was more than a little jealous of the beauty of Mill Hollow, and the unique experience he had. It's one of the places he talks of most fondly. They didn't have TV, or a phone. The only electricity they had was at night for three hours. They would listen to the radio or their mom would read to them, or they would go out and watch the beavers or just look at the stars. I got a glimpse of the beauty of the area and I want to share some of the things I saw with you.....

This was my favorite view of all :)

This was a stream right next to the cabin where he stayed.

This was known as the "old dead tree", although it is not truly dead...it just looks that way. it was on top of a mountain that they hiked to. I, unfortunately didn't Hike it, I just have a good zoom on my camera.

This is Heart lake.

This is my lovely niece Sky. She had a luau at her preschool and this is what she wore! She's such a cutie!

Thanks Mom and Dad Gale for letting us stay with you for an entire week, and letting me work from your home. We love you! Thanks for taking us up to Mill Hollow. It was a great experience.

05 September 2009