Darkest Before the Dawn

I'm not that much of a poet, but sometimes I feel the need to express myself through poetry, so people who read my blog will be required to endure.

I Pray for guidance as the world crubmles around me.
The last fading light leaves the sky, as I beg it to set me free.

I grasp at the stars but even they lose their light.
I grasp all around me, flailing, trying to put up a fight.

The I hear a voice in the dark. A whisper so quiet and still,
"Hush now, my child, for I know my will,
Each promise I made, I will fulfill.

Each trial you go though will make you prepared for what is to come,
So when it's all done, you can come home.

When your heart is troubled, and you don't feel you can go on...
Remember these words, 'It's darkest 'fore dawn.'"

11 September 2009


joyce said...

I love this poem. Makes you think and strengthens testimony.

Kendra said...

very poetic. Sounds like you're a poet to me!

Jessica and Robby Curtis said...

I like it girl!!!

Jena said...

what a strong testimony! And it's totally true...thanks for sharing it...you rock!