An awful year so far

So this year has not been the most awesome ever. In 36 days I'm getting married. But lets back up a bit. Since November I have had two (possibly three) abcesses on my the ENT decided that they had to come out. That wouldn't have been so bad but my insurance was cancelled from October to January BLAH! So I have medical bills from the surgery and specialist visits. Then it took me about a month to fully recover from the surgery, and as soon as I was better I got the flu and was out again. Then my Grandfather died last I was out again. My team thinks that I don't really exist, and is starting to feel neglected. MWAH! I'm hoping that we can get everything done in the five short weeks we have left before the wedding, because it feels like we are not making any progress at all, which is my fault because I'm having a hard time committing to anything. I finally said "sisters, it's all yours!" and let my two talented and beautiful sisters take care of most of it. I will try to keep up on my blog better, and we will see what is going on!

14 March 2008