The Stupendous Mr. T

I am so blessed to have Mr. T in my home right now.  No, I"m not taking in the former A Team member. Mr T is my friend who is staying with us.  He's 8 and he flippin cracks me up.  I don't know where he comes up with some of the things he says.  But seriously, I asked him if he wanted broccoli pizza, and he said yes! The kid LOVES veggies. And fruits. His head almost exploded when I showed him a butterfly made of grapes.  He's been with us for just over a week, and I get to read to him every night.  He loves it.  It's our special time.  He's silly and energetic and very sensitive (even if he won't show it to you)  It has definitely been an adventure.  To all the moms that I've sugared up your kids and sent them home hyper, I"m sorry. I won't ever do it again. Well we all know THAT part is a blatant lie.   I probably will do it again.  Because kids are fun :) 

It has been interesting finding his likes and dislikes, and his needs and wants.  Mr T is a great helper, unless you use the word "chore" Then.....with no better way to put it......all hell breaks loose.  So instead of creating a "chore" list, we ask him to do things as we go. So far, so good.  I really am looking forward to the next few months! Mr T is awesome! So in the words if his namesake:

I Pity da foo' who dosen't get to know Mr T!!!

13 June 2012


Jami Little said...

cool! i'm glad you're enjoying him! and it sounds like you're being an awesome "mom" :) he's lucky to have you guys!

Kyle, Alicia, and Jaxson said...

Yay Christy! I found your blog a long time ago and I love reading it. You are so awesome!! I bet he loves being in your home. Sounds like you are doing great! And seriously you are the best!