Free Your Mind

I'm a Gleek.  It's true. I'm not afraid to say it.  There are so very few programs that celebrate the diferences in our lives that make us who we are.  One of the biggest things I like about  it is that they celebrate all kinds of beauty. One example of this is Mercedes.  She's a bigger girl.  She KNOWs that she is fabulous, sexy and amazing.  The last episode I watched was one where the football coach (a woman who is not very feminine) finds out that students are using thoughts of her to help "cool off" after making out.  She is devastated. Who wouldn't be?  I felt it.  I saw the pain flash across her face and my heart shattered.  I won't lie I felt like I was her.  I am aware that I am not most peoples Ideal. I have never thought I was beautiful, sexy or amazing.   I am very blessed to have a husband who does not look at the stereotypical beauty and swoon.  He finds everything about me beautiful.  Every last scar, every last stretch mark (yup I'm that heavy).  He tells me every day how beautiful I am, and how much he loves my shape, and my body.

I really hope that we can stop seeing only this

as beautiful and start being realistic!

Start seeing the beauty everywhere! Look at these women 
How can ANYONE say they aren't beautiful. They are amazing! Beauty should not be confined to one stereotype. 

Stop calling People like Kim Kardashian and Scarlett Johansen  "heavy". They aren't.  

24 May 2012