Happy....Late...Mothers Day

"Mother is the name of God on the lips and hearts of all children" - The Crow

I have so many mothers in my life that I want to say thank you to.

My Marmie:
Thank you. She is a beautiful woman, inside and out. She is more virtuous and Christlike than anyone I have ever met. She sacrifices so much for anyone in need. She is truly angelic. She is caring and accepting. She has a strong testimony of the gospel and is more loving and caring than anyone I have ever met. She has taught all of her children well. She goes out of her way to make sure we each feel so special. She always came to my performances, and that's saying a lot since I was ALWAYS in something. Whenever I get sick she is right there. Mom is also very humble. I can just see her reading this and feeling a little uncomfortable. Mom don't. you are wonderful and amazing...and I love you.

My mother in law:
Thank you for making me feel so accepted. So many people groan at the thought of spending time with their in laws, I have been so blessed to be a part of the Gale family. I never feel like I have just joined the family. I feel like I have always been a part. I know I am welcome. Again, thank you.

AKA Superwoman. She scrapbooks, she power shops, her house is always spotless and her kids always look great. On top of it all she has time to make jewelry, and has quiet a talent. She is so thoughtful. I don't know how she does it all...I sit back and wonder.

Another superwoman. She stands tall when I think I would crumble, and she does it far away from family. She is sweet and thoughtful and great with her kids. She always knows just what to say to me when I'm down. I love you!

My dear sister in law, a single mom going through a lot. She always takes time to be with her daughter, and makes sure Sky knows that she is loved, and she will always be supported.

She did a lot of work on mom in law's house and she takes care of four kids in a not very big space. I have sooooo much admiration for her.

Jen is upbeat and fun. I really enjoy playing games with her because she has that competitive edge. She works with kids all day and comes home to her kid at night. Wow.

Then there are those of us who don't have our own kids yet. Esther and I. We get to play with the kids, sugar them up, wind them up and then send them home. I love all my nieces and nephews and I cant wait to have kids of my own.

There is nothing quite like a mom. I love all the moms in my life! You all rock!

13 May 2009


Becky said...

I don't stand tall, you just don't notice me crumble because I am so short, tehehehe. Just kidding. Thanks so much for the sweet things you said about me. I love you tons. I am so happy to see you happy.

Kendra said...

Happy Mother's day to you, too. You are an awesome woman and I<3 you.

joyce said...

Wow. I don't check the blogs for a few days and I truly miss out. Thank you Christy for being so sweet to me and honoring me publicly.
I love you too. See you soon.