Becky tagged me, so uhhh...I guess I'm it.

What I Think:
I think that people should be kind to one another. I think that employees who are manipulative, and take advantage of my good nature should be fired. I think that I have the most awesome family in the world, both immediate, and extended.

What I Like:

I like to know I have people in my corner. I like to be at home, or out, with my husband. I like to play games and laugh. I like to feel the rain on my face. I like roller coasters and that anxious feeling that you get while you are waiting for them to get going. I love surprises. I like to dance like no one is watching sing like no one can hear. I like to feel the sand between my toes as the oceanic waves splash on my legs. I like to wake up and smell the fresh air. I like to hold hands with my husband and look in his eyes and hear him say that he loves me. I like a lot of things.

What I Know:

That no matter how crappy of a day I've had, I can come home and my husband will snuggle me. I know that my family loves me and supports me. (Thanks guys for the beautiful wedding, I think princess Di would have been jealous!) I know that I belong to the church that has the WHOLE truth, and that my family is a forever family.

What I Want:
I want to be able to sleep through the night, without waking up at 4 AM. I want a bed that both Adam and I fit in. I want my own home, in Southern Utah or Hawaii.

What I see:

I see the three walls of my cubicle, and the employee appreciation certificates. I also see my phone and my ipod speaker...with no ipod attached because someone stole it :(

I am tagging whomever has a desire to share this information.

29 May 2008

1 Comment:

Kim Johnson said...

Mark and I have a double bed. It's great and horrible at the same time.

I'm so excited to find your blog. I kept stalking Kendra's hoping to stumble across you and taaadaaa.

Big hugs from an old friend.

Kim (Holt)