*sigh* Ok my frusteration can be poured out in a blog. I have been trying to help an agent. I've done everything I could to help him. He pushes and pushes and pushes and does whatever he can to manipulate me to get his way. He left work for over a week now calling in absent, every day. My job is to find out when and if agents are coming back to work. I called him the first day he was absent to tell him he couldn't be absent anymore. I called him again two days ago to tell him that if he didn't bring a doctors note when he came in, I would have to put him on a written warning, and to find out when he would be back to work.

He is now filing a formal complaint that I was "harassing" him. Granted, I know management is on my side, but I feel betrayed. I am frusterated. I was just trying to do my job. He is mad that I'm holding him accountable. I can't stand people who just want the world to bend to their will.

Adam starts his new job on Monday. I am excited. It will be for him to be able to get out of the house. He will be doing tech support for a small company. More later!

05 June 2008


Vanisi Family said...

Baby keep smilin!

G said...

Hahaha .... he is gone No more worries. Life is well ... you love your job. You have me there :)

Somerset said...

With great responsibility comes a great pain in the...neck!