High School Never ends....

The best part of the week....the employee who was trying to get me fired quit. YAY!!!!!! The rest of the week has been pretty awful.

Mom called me early Monday morning to let me know that my dad was in the hospital with chest pains...again. They admitted him because they didn't know what was wrong with him. About fifteen minutes later she called me back to let me know that my grandmother had passed away. It wasn't a shock, we knew it was going to happen, but somehow that wasn't very comforting. The only thing that was comforting is knowing that she would be out of pain, and with grandpa again, so she would be happy.

Dad finally got out of the hospital on Wednesday with an admonition to be more careful (ie no throwing around railroad ties dad.).

Then there is the work drama. I finally know what it's like to be one of the "popular kids" the ones that everybody hated because they were who they were, but you would give your right arm if you could be in their "clique." Well I'm in the clique. I have two really good friends, and we are good at what we do. We rely on each other for help, we are friends and people hate that. I am going crazy but it is what it is. My final word on the subject is kids, grow up and get over it!

13 June 2008

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Vanisi Family said...

Yikes! Tell your Dad to rest for once!!! We'll keep him in our prayers. Honestly Pangee, I think you and I are both in the "Crap" boat. The last 8 months have been hell for us. call if you need to chat!