Parties and Trick or Treaters

Well Hello! It's been a week so I thought I'd post. Saturday before last my brother and sister in law hosted an awesome halloween party. There was home made soup and all kinds of goodies. The costumes were AWESOME. We left about 9:30 which means we didn't get home until 11 or later. That's not a big deal though. It was super fun. After that I just worked. A lot. Last night was Halloween, at least we celebrated it. WE had lots of Trick or Treaters, most of which were NOT dressed up. I've decided that next year I'm going to put up a sign on the door that says "no costume no treat" On the other hand those kids had a lot of guts. The kids who came to our house at 11:00 had more guts. They almost got tricked because I was ready to explode. But I didn't. I gave them candy and let them know it was a little bit late to be ringing peoples door bell...They disagreed. It's all good. I"m getting used to it. Teenagers.....the part of parenting I am terrified of. And no....that's not an announcement.

31 October 2010

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Kendra said...

BTW... I want pictures of your costumes.