Good times...

It's been an amazing few months. (gac! months!) So I wanted to post some pictures and tell everybody how awesome my family is. These are from a hike we took towards the beginning of our family reunion. I got lazy with my camera but it was fun. There was swimming, and hiking and pictures and boy was there food. It was amazing.

There was also my anniversary last month. Three years. The wonderful, hard, happy, fun blissful years with the man I love more than anything. He's so wonderful. He tells me day after day how beautiful I am and how much he loves me. He is special, smart, talented, kind, caring and soooo many other things. We spent the night in Midway at the world mark and had all kind of fun and food. I love that man!

01 May 2011

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Kendra said...

thanks for the fun pics from that Happy time!