friday confessional


I confess:

- The week of mothers day is really hard
- because I wanna be a mom so badly
- BUT I have the most awesome nieces and nephews in the world
- and sometimes I feel like a second mom because,
- yes I love them that much.

-I confess I went to Wendy's last night and completely- blew my diet
-I had good intentions. Baked potato and a salad
- but once I got in there, the smell of the french fries....
- and the burgers...*drools a little* I've been wanting a cheeseburger for awhile now.
- So I had one. And now I feel guilty.
- but it was good. And worth it.
- And now I'm back to my diet.....

06 May 2011


Amber said...

Sometimes you have to give yourself that treat, enjoy it and move on! No need to feel guilty. :)

joyce said...

what Amber said. I'm so proud of you for hanging in there like you have been. You just wait! Your mom loves you lots and lots.