friday confessional


*I confess that I am a stress magnet. I worry about everything
*Its true. It's a problem
*My blood sugar was 150
* I was having a panic attack so I took an ativan
*My blood sugar went down to 89
*gotta control this stress...gotta get back to exercising and maybe do some meditating.

*I confess that over the last month and a half I've lost 20.6 pounds.
*I hate dieting. So I'm not. I'm changing my eating habits permanently.

*I confess that because I've been working an insane amount of hours I haven't done a REAL work out in almost 2 weeks. It makes me cry.
* My legs are upset at me, they ache and want to get on the treadmill
* Maybe...instead of grocery shopping I will do that tonight....

20 May 2011

1 Comment:

Mamarazzi said...

congrats on the weight loss and the itch to get back in it...if it itches scratch it girl, you are on a roll!!

thanks for linking up, happy to have your confessions every week!! i hope you will continue to play now that The Glam is packing her blog up!