A bumper car named desire

It's been awhile...so much for updating on a weekly basis. I've been pretty sick this last couple of weeks. No good reason, just coughing all the time. I won't go into the gory details, but it's not been a pleasant experience.

I've been going to work, but only working 10 hours a week, because I just don't feel well enough to. Today I worked a six hour shift (yipes). But it was worth it. I had to be trained on our new attraction, bumper cars. So as part of the training, you may have guessed it! I got to play! It was really fun. The cars are little, but powerful. You wouldn't think that something that small could move the way it did. Feeling the wind on my face and my hair whip behind me, and seeing the brightly colored walls blur as I was spinning around and around made me giggle. I felt like a kid again. Even the sudden stop when I hit a wall, or another car or mostly just the walls (The steering was wierd) made me smile. I couldn't really hit anyone hard anyway, because I was playing with my boss, who had his 2 year old son on his lap, and his wife, who is like 9 months pregnant...So I had to be careful, but I still had a good time. It was a lot of fun, and I look forward to playing again.

Another quick thought. Dad brought home these foam swords for the kids to play with, and as soon as they saw them they went to town. Good news...it dosen't hurt. :) But I ended up sword fighting with Gage and sliced him, and he went down. He laid there, spread eagle, and said "I'm dead father!" Then he stuck his little tounge out and tipped his head for a moment, before sharing more of his boundless energy with us, and attacking me more fervently with his sword.

15 September 2008


G said...

Christy you are so cute. I miss you! Get feeling better mmmkkay!

Jessica and Robby Curtis said...

You've been tagged look at my blog for more details.