Your a mean one Mr. Grinch....

Okay, so I'm struggling. I tried to be friends with our upstairs neighbor, which is apparently not going to work out. Here is the back story.

When we moved up here, our apartment wasn't ready, so we put all of our stuff in storage. There is a storage shed in the back that we put some of our stuff in. Well, every time I try to bring it down I get sick, AND our couch doesn't fit down the stairwell, so it has stayed in the shed. Well when I got home from work on Wednesday, she cornered me and told me it was time to get my stuff out of her shed. (This shed I understood I was to have access to). I told her I would get it done as soon as I could. Well Saturday morning she rings the bell and told Adam that we had to get our stuff out, and that I had been told THREE DAYS ago that we had to get it out, and it had to be done today. No one likes being told what to do, and I understand that she is 7 months pregnant, so I went and made her stuff easily accessible and even offered to help her get the stuff she needed. Well that wasn't good enough. She called our landlord and complained. So now, I'm going to have to haul all the stuff in from downstairs, because Adam's back is bad.

I'm trying to really hard to be understanding, and forgiving, but she is making it very hard. I do want to have an amicable relationship with them. Any suggestions?

17 November 2008

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Tiffanie and Alvaro Z said...

what a snot! maybe you can get a jar of moths, and throw them in her stuff. okay maybe not. mean people suck!