Sorry I am such a slacker. I know you've all been wondering what is up in the life of Christy and Adam....well life has been a little loco.

Over the past couple of weeks I have had a root canal, so I've been drugged and kind out of it. Last Friday they finished it and they didn't give me any more pain killers so I was in pain and I had to work. Adam knew I was really struggling when I closed the door so I could focus. So when I came out at the end of my shift I saw this....
Its still hanging on our wall to remind me no matter how crappy I feel, My hubby loves me and that makes thing better.

Now For the FIRST time I couponned for real (I love using that as a verb). This was our haul...
This is :

2 Liptin soup mix
2 Knorr Pasta Side dishes
1 Taco Bell Taco Kit
2 2 liters Diet Pepsi
1 jello no bake cheesecake
4 boxes Betty Crocker potato side dishes
20 Dannon Yogurts
2 cremesicle Ice cream treats
2 Bertolli Frozen meals
1 Rhodes Frozen rolls
1 Country Crock side dish
2 Packages Bacon
subtotal 42.48
tax 1.33
Total 43.81

Total saving 49.12 PLUS we got two coupons for 10 percent off a 50 or more purchase.

so that dosen't suck too bad. Not as good as some of y'all experienced shoppers, but not too bad for a newbie. Anyway....we are looking for a place to live in Cedar City so if you hear of a good deal, let us know!

14 April 2009


Jessica and Robby Curtis said...

How sweet of Adam!!! Looks like life is good. Love ya and miss you!!

Jena said...

You are so cute! I love how sweet your husband is to totally deserve it!!!

Vanisi Family said...

Aren't things so much better with a good man around?? I love being married!

So what's up with Cedar City?

(I lost your phone number, pls send it to me again!)