Red Hair, Red Skin and Killer Pumpkins

Well it's been almost a month since I've blogged. Sadly, I don't have any pictures from the many many fun things i have managed to squeeze into my life.

I've had two Barbecues. The first one was on June 21st. One was kind of a way to get everyone to my house to see where I live. It was also the first time I ever tried to barbecue using a charcoal grill. It was...interesting. I wasn't sure exactly HOW to use a charcoal grill, and so it took SUPER long to cook everything. It was Okay though because we had a lot of fun. There were races run, cartwheel competitions, push-up competitions and all kinds of physical activity, while we were waiting for our food to cook. (Thanks Dad for your help in finally getting it cooked)

The other was a couple of weeks later for Adams birthday. We found a park that both Adam and I just fell in love with. We set up there and grilled some hamburgers and hot-dogs and then went back to our house and had Ice Cream cake (which we ate for another two weeks).

After that life was quiet for awhile. Until about a week ago. I was starting to feel stressed. Anyone who knows me, knows when I get stressed, my hair bares the brunt. So now instead of black, or even a dark brown or even blonde....I'm a redhead. Think Weasly twins. It was supposed to be auburn, but it's more ginger. It's fun and I actually really like it. I haven't had anyone hesitate to say the like it either. :) So once again, I lucked into it working well for me.

This past week I spent with my family in California. It was a BLAST. While checking in I played tag with Tim, Dewy, Gage and Lacie. It was really fun, but really hot. The whole time it was about 118 with about 20 percent humidity. We were either in the room or in the pool, to try to survive the heat. It was really fun. We played games, and swam, watched movies and ate. The food was fairly healthy (mostly) and all of it was yummy. The only problem was, my sun block was broken. Day one I put on SPF 50 spray suntan lotion, which I used to swear by. By the time I got in, I was in some serious pain, and we are talking about two hours in the sun. The only thing that saved me was my Kukui oil. Day two SPF went down to 30, but I put on rub on sunscreen. So my burn was less sever on day two, but still deepened. On the day we left I don't think that I got anymore burnt, but that's probably because the sun decided to hide behind the few clouds. It was, however, too late. My skin almost matched my hair.

It was a long time without my husband, and I missed him A LOT. When he came to pick me up he had made me some beautiful paper roses. I had so much fun and I REALLY enjoy being with my family, but it was SO good to be back with my sweet husband. When we got back to the house, he took me out back to see my overgrown garden. Even though it was dark. It has become HUGE. My pumpkin plants are taking over the garden. I'm concerned that if their growth doesn't stop soon, they will take over the whole yard. I go to look at my zucchini or summer squash, or even my other pumpkin plants, and they have woven themselves into the plants. They set up anchors and grow spikes. It's almost like something out of a horror movie. Hopefully the pumpkins will be as big as the plants...

24 July 2009