It's gonna be a bright sunshiney day....maybe.

Well for those of you who missed me, I'm back....and better than ever!

We went to California and it was a blast! Day by we go!

Sat Feb 20- We got up at 7 so we could leave by 8, got the car loaded and the dog dropped of at Kendra and Golden's by about 8:45 (thanks again guys!) and headed out...almost. There needed to be a stop at Wal Mart to get something. New clothes for Christy w00t! I ended up with five new shirts so that was nice. When we got there though, we noticed Adam had left his wallet in our car. Since we were driving my Mom's car, that was a problem. You have to have ID to get into Sea World (yay). So we had to go back to La Verkin to get the wallet. So by the time we left it was about 11:45 UT time. We got to Vegas and we were almost out of gas so we pulled over just outside of Vegas and got gas and made another brief stop about 15 minutes later to grab some food on the run, cuz we were way behind. So we drove and drove and about half an hour from my sister Becky's house our GPS died....and we lost mom and dad. We had a cell phone but about 5 minutes from Becky's house that died too....and on top of it all my ipod we were alone and musicless....luckily my mom and dad found us and we were able to follow them the rest of the way there. Since it was my birthday Becky made me an awesome dinner, Cafe Rio inspired salad (it was even better yum) and my birthday cake was a red velvet cake....which is probably my favorite kind of cake....and it was the best one I'd ever had. Anyway it was pretty late by that point but we still managed to keep our eyes open long enough to watch the mens speed skating in the olympics. That was super fun. Then we went to bed.

Sun Feb 21 - Adam's back was hurting so bad that he wasn't able to go to church with the rest of us and he actually spent most of the day in bed. The fridge went out and so there was some scramble to get the food eaten/given away. It was pretty exciting :) The rest of the day was pretty relaxed we sang hymns and visited.

Mon Feb 22 - was mostly a travel day. After Dewy (my nephew) got back from preschool we packed up and cleaned the house and left for the Worldmark condo. We stopped and ate at Subway and Adam and I spoke about the differences in the culture between Utah and California. We rode with Becky and that was fun. Once we got there we got ready to go swimming, but Adam waited in the condo for them, because they had to rearrange the beds. It wasn't too long before we headed back up because the kids lips were blue and they were shiviring....none the less we had to pry them out of the pool because hey were having so much fun. When we got back up to the condo, Adam had already left to go get in the hot tub. Unfortuantely he got lost and locked out of the the resort and had to walk clear around it....and his back was still hurting. Poor guy. So I went back down to the hot tub and soaked with him for about an hour. When we got back upstairs the kids were ready for bed and we were ready for dinner, so that's what happened. After that we watched TV for a little while and went to bed.

Tues Feb 23- We woke up pretty ealry and loaded up the cars and headed to Sea World. We were all super excited and Adam had never been there. We got Adam a scooter so he wouldn't have to walk everywhere with his bad back. We did the shark experience and the penguin experience and saw the Orca show and the Sea Lion show. It was really fun. We also ate ath the park.....the food was....less than desirable. Except the cheesecake, which was really really really good. Oh and the bread sticks were good. But this isn't all about the food. I promise. We walked out of the orca show and gathered together under a plam tree (ha ha ha) guess what happened? Plop plop plop. Mom and dad got it good. Thanks to a little birdy in the tree above. Unfortunately my 1 year old niece Ellie got it to. That was sad. But it was also really funny. Mom also gave me some money for my birthday and I decided to open a clam with the money and make a pendant. The pearl I ended up with was an 8 MM blue pearl that would retail (by itself) for 75 bucks. And I only paid 15 for it! W00t. It's really pretty.

We went home had dinner and went down to the hot tub...and then to bed.

Wed Feb 24-Becky had decided a good birthday present, and I agree with this, was to take me and Adam to Disneyland. It was an EXCELLENT present. The day started off rainy so we bought an umbrella and Becky bought slickers for the kids....guess what. I stopped raining for the rest of the day. :) So it was overcast and cool and really fun. We rode pirates and Dewy sat between me and Adam and had a blast! It was so cute to see how excited he was. We went on it's a small world for the first time since they revamped it and it was fun to see the changes. Adam hadn't been on it before and he really enjoyed it. We saw the show at the Golden Horseshoe and they had changed that up as well. We split up with the family and went on Haunted Mansion. It was really fun. Then we went over to California Adventure and tried out their new ride Toy Story Mania it is a 3d ride and was super fun. We also went on Big Bear River Rapids....the family we were on with decided they wanted to go another run around and since it was cold not many people were on the ride, they let us just go through again...I kinda wanted off but I like the ride so I just shooshed up and went again. I was really wet already but my pants managed to stay dry....until we were about to get off. The lady sitting pretty much on my lap decided to dump the water of her slicker, and into my lap....three times. I was soaked head to toe at this point. So we decided that we were done. On the way out we found the rest of the family and they had chocolate ice cream. I was jealous so Adam drove me all over ocean side looking for a McDonalds...we never found one, but we did find a couple of roads right along the beach. It was SOOOO beautiful. We got back and had dinner and then we went to bed.

Thursday Feb 25 - we went to the beach and made a sand castle... and played in the ocean as much as we could. It was pretty chilly so ya know...we kinda just waded. The rest of the day was swimming relaxing and getting ready to go. Until it was dinner time. We hooked up our wii to entertain the kids. After dinner however, the kids went to bed and the wii was still hooked up. So Becky Mom and I played Super Mario brothers Wii. It was really fun and we were all giggling like little girls. It was really fun and I had a good time.

Friday feb 26 - we loaded up and went home leaving about 10.....which was also an adventure. It was actually pretty quiet for the first three hours of the trip. Then I woke up. We were almost to Vegas so we pulled over and I started driving. We decided we were going to go to the spice buffet in Planet Hollywood but there was issues with...well Vegas. you can't look up, you can't look down, and you can't look left or right. Adam and I were both very uncomfortable and so we decided to stop in Mesquite. So we got about 18 miles outside of Vegas and the gaslight came on...we were going to get gas when we stopped for dinner. Oy. So we had 20 miles to the next town or 18 miles back to Vegas, and I didn't know how long we could go on empty. We spotted a gas station and pulled off the road...only to find it wasn't open yet. We prayed that we could reach a gas station and gratefully we reached Moapa. It wasn't on our GPS but it was there and it was open. YAY! We laughed about it and wished we were in Mesquite because we were both was almost 5 and we hadn't eaten since that morning before we left. Yowza. So we finally got to Mesquite and stopped at the Oasis only to find it closed. oooookkay. Something I wish that I had gotten a picture of was a sign that said 24 hour valet service. And underneath it there was a sign that said closed Monday through Thursday. HAHAHAHA! Anyway we decided we were going to stop one more place and then if it didn't work out we would be going to Golden Corral in Saint George. We ended up eating at a buffet that wasn't memorable. We did eventually make it home.

I don't think I could have had a better time. It was awesome. Thanks Mom and Dad and Thanks Becky and Hyrum. I love you all!

09 March 2010


Somerset said...

I haven't been to Sea World since I was in High School! My dad got all of the girls a pearl from that little shop...I still have it and great memories that go with it! Glad you had a great time!

joyce said...

What a fun time we had! Love you!

Tiffanie and Alvaro Z said...

Sounds like quite the adventure!