The sweetest husband in the world.

Noneya says
Your Eyes
Your mysterious eyes,
so deep, so hurt.
They draw me in,
and strip my soul of it's secrets.
Eyes so full of life,
full of fire,
full of passion,
and it burns me, fills me up.
I drink of it, and yet,
they are soft, so very kind;
Pools of liquid fire,
they ignite my desire.
I could drown in their tenderness.
Your mysterious eyes.

Adam Stephen Gale

Adam wrote me that poem before we got married. He's always been really good about being romantic.

So this past week has been bad. Like really bad. I was terrified that I was gonna lose my job and It's just been one thing after another. So Adam went out of his way to be good and kind and take care of me. Saturday morning I woke up to this:

The card plays "Lean on me." He was reminding me that I'm not in this on my own. How amazing is he? Thanks Hubby!!! I love you!

17 July 2011