My ONE political post

So, the longer I am married to Adam the more active I become in politics. This is not going to be a political blog, just my one post. I've had this running through my head for a few days, which usually means I need to post it.

I have been terrified recently by some of the things coming out of the Whitehouse lately. From mandates that your children can be taken from you on the way home from school, to the theft of food storage and forced (drafted) labor camps, I'm feeling less and less like I'm in the United States of America and more like I'm in Nazi Germany! It is NOT ok! "We the people" have allowed ourselves to become complacent zombies, and have fooled ourselves into thinking that "hey nothing can happen, it's USA! We are protected by God!"

God will only protect us as long as we are actively working towards a better future. We are very much in trouble here folks. Edmund Burke said "all that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing" We can no longer do nothing. It is time for us to take our freedom back.

We must dust off our vigor, grab at the chains of oppression that bind us and say "NO MORE." We must stand as brothers and sisters in freedom, and with the help of God, break those chains! We can no longer ignore what is before us! We must defend our inspired constitution, and the GOD GIVEN rights therein! We can no longer sit idly by and say "it is up to someone else, I'm just me and I don't matter." Yes, you are one, but YOU ARE ONE! We the people must again unite and stand up to tyranny, this time, in our own home.

As I was writing that last paragraph, I thought, maybe I shouldn't write this. Maybe I'm getting myself in trouble. But isn't that the point? I should not have to be worried about encouraging my fellow Americans to be patriotic, and to appreciate freedom!

Do not make a mockery of the sacrifice of our military that have bled and lost life and limb to protect our freedom! Stand for the constitution! Stand for God! Stand for freedom!

21 March 2012