Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end

Here it is. The beginning and the end. I quit my job at Convergys after three and a half years, and different positions on the project, and promotions and opening a new portion of the project and having that project closed. I really loved my job. Even though there was much complaining about all the drama, and how some of my agents drive me crazy, I really do love my job. The people, the things I got to do, helping other people progress. I was a good team leader. I made some very good friends during my tenure there. Cody and Amie and I got really close.

Some of you may ask, why quit if you love it so much, well Adam and I feel like we need to be down in southern Utah. It is the first time in my life that I have quit a job without having another to replace it. I have had a job since I was eleven years old. We are hoping that Adam can get a full time job so that I can work part time and finish the last six credits and get my degree, and then get Adam started on his degree.

So here we are, at another new beginning, thats coming form some other beginnings end. So we move and let our lives change, and face the future, with only a little bit of fear and a lot of faith. We trust in the Lord, and have to believe that things will turn out. My friend Cody always says what is supposed to happen will happen.

So here's to a new beginning that's coming from some other beginnings end.

08 August 2008


Kendra said...

Good Luck! Thier loss is our gain!

Vanisi Family said...

Pangee! Good luck with everything! Where are you now?

Kim Johnson said...

WOW! Tuesday is like soon soon. Are you so excited? Let me know when you guys are all settled in down here.