The Madness that is my life.

So it's been a busy time. The thing that is weighing on my mind the most heavily is Mandy. Mandy was one of the best people you could find. She was enthusiastic about life, and all the things that come with it. She got engaged on Thursday, and no one could have been happier. She was lucky enough to share the moment with her parents. She was always happy to see you, and she made that the decision of her life. Every day was going to be better than the next. You would NEVER hear her utter a bad word against anyone. EVER. That's just the kind of person she was. You couldn't help but love her. Anyone who came in contact with her, no matter how briefly, was effected in a positive way. Now you ask why all the past tense? Friday evening Mandy was killed in a plane crash. There has been, and will be, so many tears shed over this. She was 20 years old for crying out loud. And in all honesty, I feel the statement "only the good die young" really hard right now. My heart goes out to my brother in laws family, because she is his sister. Johnsons, you are loved, and you are and will be in our prayers.

Other aspects of my life. Church? I get to teach the five year olds in primary. I'm really excited about that. I love kids and they are so funny at that age :) Plus Adam will fit right in. Just kidding hunny. I love you. :) I'm really looking forward to this new challenge in my life. I'm having a rockin time down here. The day after I got here we had a BBQ with my sisters family and Mom started a water fight. Gage ended up the wettest, but I honestly think that he did it on purpose...oh wait he did. He stood under the water fountain so that he would get soaked. It was hot so no one minded, even when he gave us all big hugs :). I was watching them the other night when Kendra and Golden were going on a date, and I did something that made Gager mad ...I think I may have been teasing him a little bit. He looked me in the face and he said, "your just trying to push my buttons!" I almost fell out of my chair laughing. He's four years old for Pete sake. The kid is a card. Later on that night he (being the funny kid he is) stuck his little tooshie out and said "your checkin me out!" I was a little shocked at first but then was reminded by Shaunie (thanks babe) that it's a line from cheaper by the dozen. Kendra said "Guess who needs to watch less TV" when I told her the story. Life is full of moments. I am cherishing each one. Mandy's passing was a wakeup call for me. Treasure life guys. It's short.

One final blessing in my life. I GOT A JOB! It's only part time, and the pay is....well lets just say not phenomenal, but there are other rewards. I am the assistant manager at Lazer Mania in Saint George. I was really starting to get discouraged on Thursday, and feeling like I would never get a job. But Mom prayed with me and within a couple of hours I had three job interviews lined up. So I went in for this interview and he offered me the job almost as soon as I sat down. So I started work on Saturday and got to watch about a hundred kids running around having the time of their lives. It was pretty fun. I look forward to my time there. And recognize that it was a blessing, after the trial of my faith. What a week....more later.

24 August 2008


HeatherLiz said...

Oh my dear! I can't express my sympathy's enough. It is SO hard to loose a loved one, especially so young and so tragically. Trust me, I has been 8 months since my baby sister (19) died. I still think of her. And am so grateful for my faith and the assurances that I will see her again. That she is just gone for a time. You guys, and their family is in my prayers and heart.

G said...

I am sorry about you friend. I wish your brother and his wifes family well.
Congrats babe on the job... hollafreakinluya!!!!! I am proud of you..Glad things are looking... well down but then right back up again:)

Jessica said...

It makes you cherish the life you have. I am sorry to hear about that. Keep in touch.
Love ya Jessica Curtis