Aint no cure for the summer time blues.

Just more pictures.

We spent the 4th and the 24th with the Gales, and went out to the farmers market. Our niece Sky wanted to get her face panted, but got nervous and had her arm painted.

She's all about fashion so of course the cool glasses came out.

Mom Gale dosen't like the sun, she burns and had to wear a hat. She looked SO cute :)!

I will have to do more later. Internet troubles!

04 October 2008


Vanisi Family said...

Cute! I miss these guys!BTW- did you ever give Jill my info?

Jessica and Robby Curtis said...

Christy I wish you knew how flippin amazing you are. I heard you are moving back to provo yay!!I am visiting for my nieces baptism and I would still like to take you out for lunch or dinner my treat of course. (I still owe you for the wedding pics) Let me know if you will be in town on Oct 8- nov 3 thats when I will be in UTAH Love ya and miss ya