I got a golden ticket....

or a red ticket, or a green ticket or any color ticket. It doesn't matter...as long as there is a huge pile of them. Working where I work, I get a lot of chances to watch little kids. Kids get SOOOOOO excited when they have a big pile of tickets to spend. The more the merrier! They now have arcade games that gives you a tickets, they give you a receipt with the number of tickets you have. No way no how. There is no better feeling than having a WHOLE bunch of tickets in your hands...you won something AWESOME! Then you trade it in for a trinket or some little piece of candy or something. There was a kid, while I was working today, who won about 250 tickets. Now you can get like a whopee coushin or something like that with that many tickets, so your starting to get into the good stuff, but it's not totally there, but he was so excited that he had this HUGE handful of tickets that he had his friend take a picture. It's awesome.

Now moving on, the reason I have been neglecting my blog is I've been spending some time scanning my Dad's pictures to digital format, so I can clean them up and create a slide show of them. As an example:

This picture is one of 422 that I have the privlage of cleaning up and fixing. I'm really excited about that. It's a unique opportunity to view these pictures and have my dad sitting here as I correct them and give me the history behind them. It's really cool. So that's been keeping me busy.

ALSO we spent this last weekend up in Heber with the Gale family. It was our Nephew Gavin's 1st birthday! Happy Birthday buddy! It was loads of fun. He got his own birthday cake and had a grand old time with it....more painting his body with the blue frosting than eating it though. He was rather suspicious of the whole process. But he eventually got the hang of it. He got a ball and hardly wanted to play with anything else. He had such a good time, as indicated by the mess on his cute little face.

Now, I have pictures that I have had on my camera most of the summer that I am going to go back and post and recap on the last little while.

Right after we got here Mom and Dad did a bbq for a family home evening and we had a blast. There was water everywhere. And in August, that's a good thing :). I think I'm going to have to post more on a different blog....so more in a minute!

04 October 2008

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Kendra said...

I remember that feeling, too. I remember wanting to save up for those big-ticket items at Showbiz Pizza, but we didn't go often enough so we always lost our tickets in between.