Merry Christams

My hubby is so sweet. He went to shave his head the other day and came out and this is what he did

A heart because he loves me so much :) It was really sweet. He shaved it as soon as I took the picture so that he could look professional for work.

Another thing that happened this past week we started celebrating Christmas! Woo hoo! This past Saturday we went with the Gale family to see "Babes in toyland" and we went to dinner and then to the temple lights. It was really fun. I love to see the magic that Christmas brings, and the excitement on the kids face when they get to see Santa Clause is euqal only to when they see Disneyland :D.

That being said, I wrote a poem in church on Sundayand I wanted to share it. it's called Christmas

It's not about ribbons, it's not about bows,
It's not about snow that sticks on your nose.
It's not about toys, that make all the noise,
Or even 'bout Santa, or good girls and boys.

It IS about a babe, born long, long ago,
who saved our souls from being tossed to and fro.
It IS 'bout love, both gi'vn and recieved,
it is about heaven so don' be decieved;
When you lay your head down on that next Christmas night,
Remember what happened, to give us all light.

These pictures were all taken at Temple square after the play.

17 December 2008


Kim J. said...

Christy I love your poem. It made me smile :)

Christy and Adam said...

Good, I'm glad to hear it!

Lisa H said...

I loved your poem too! Very Cute.

Vanisi Family said...

Beautiful poem, my talented friend