I've been ranting a lot lately. I promise this is the last time for awhile. FIRST some AWESOME news! I got a promotion at work! I get to stay home and be a virtual team lead! It's awesome! I get a one time allowance to help me set up the office, and they are going to pay for my internet every month, which is AWESOME. Once I get trained, Adam gets the car all the time, and I can stay at home and not be quite so stressed out about everything. I'm very excited!

Now for my rant. America was founded on Christian principles. It exsists so people can believe what the believe, without fear of persecution. I am thrilled that Prop 8 passed. It has nothing to do with denying rights to anybody, it has to do with retaining my own freedom. For you who opposed prop 8, its over. Leave it alone. You are preaching tolerance and open mindedness, but doesn't that seem a little hypocritical?" You don't like how I live my life, so I'm going to make you accept it?"

Things like the march on Salt Lake City, Prop 8 the musical (don't watch it, if you don't want to be offended) burning the Book of Mormon inside our churches, SHOOTING up our chruches trying to make us afriad to worship and express our beliefs is NOT tolerance. You say that we spread lies, but what about your lies? Your actions are made to terrorize us into bending to your will. This is not a communist country. This is a Representitive Democracy. The people have spoken. I personally will NOT let your fear tactics dictate my life! I will continue to live by my beliefs, following my Saviors teachings, and trying to become a better person each day. I'm not sorry for how I believe and while I believe that God loves you, as much as he loves me, I will NOT bend in the truth!

05 December 2008


Jessica and Robby Curtis said...

First of Congrats on the Job!!! That will be so nice for you.

I agree with what you wrote.

Vanisi Family said...

Dear Pangee,
It's not the first time we've been persecuted for obeying God, and it won't be the last. As we heard last General Conf, we need to have Christian Courage and turn the other cheek.

Congrats on the promo.