Big Love? or Destroying something sacred


I checked this out and it is legit. You can view the following article from TV
guide if you want to see for yourself.

> page 48 of 68)

As an entertainment professional, if you would like to protest, I recommend
complaining to both HBO and the FCC:

HBO is owned by Time Warner:
Time Warner Inc.
One Time Warner Center
New York, NY10019-8016

Here are two things your want to RESPECTFULLY say in your own words to HBO:

-I believe it is wrong for HBO to publicly air portions of sacred ceremonies of
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints without permission from the
church and based on information given you by someone who has left the church and
may harbor bad feelings toward the church and wish to do it harm.


- If you air such an episode, I will cancel my subscription to all HBO channels
(if you have them), and will not purchase HBO DVDs or any other HBO
entertainment products or packages ever again. Furthermore, I will encourage my
friends and associates to do likewise.


The FCC is the government agency that regulates all broadcast and cable
television. File a complaint expressing your shock and dismay at HBO treating
the sacred ceremonies of any religion with such mockery and disregard, and that
it is shoddy work hiring excommunicated members/enemies of church and giving
them a public pulpit to hurt the church.

To File a complaint with the FCC go to:

-Choose "Broadcast (TV and Radio), Cable, and Satellite Issues" and
then click "NEXT."

-Choose "Broadcast programs showing obscene, profane, and/or indecent
material" then click "NEXT."

- Click on "ONLINE FORM" Fill out the form with your complaint and

> Take a look at the attached pdf and consider writing to
> HBO. I just did.
> This is pretty appalling:
> On Sunday March 15th, the HBO show Big Love is showing an
> episode containing an excommunication as well as temple
> ceremonies.
> They hired an ex-member to help re-create the ceremony,
> rooms, and
> clothing.
> HBO is owned by Time Warner. Send your emails, snail mails,
> phone calls, to both companies to show HBO that we
> won't stand for
> the use of things we consider sacred on their show Big
> Love, which is using
> a
> replica of an endowment room and celestial room to show
> what happens
> in the ceremonies there! Just keep it within Church
> standards please!
> HBO is owned by Time Warner:
> Time Warner Inc.
> One Time Warner Center
> New York, NY10019-8016
> 212.484.8000
> I do not usually forward emails, but this is something that
> I feel strongly
> about and so I wrote a letter to HBO. I really do not think
> it is right to
> air our temple clothing or ceremonies on-air to achieve
> ratings.
> Love,
> Alysha
> I think this is my first forwarded mass email, but I
> verified it for my self on
> line
> (
> page 48 of 68)
> and I had a visceral reaction to this. It involves
> HBO/Time Warner/Big Love
> airing on 3/15 as part of their show their replication of
> temple clothing and
> inside of the temple. I emailed HBO and will send a letter
> in writing as well
> and encourage you to make your voices heard.
> Thanks,
> Joseph
> Wendy Crompton
> Religion, Identity, and Global Governance (RIGG)
> University of Southern California
> 310/ 430.3405

07 March 2009


Jena said...

Christy, thanks for posting this, I had no idea it was that big! I think it's so sad...but thanks for keeping me updated!!!

Tiffanie and Alvaro Z said...

I wish people could respect people and their beliefs. I would be affended if they did this for ANY religious group. Thank you for sharing.

A said...

The Mormon temple ceremonies are no more "sacred" than the Masonic rituals from which they derive.

I find it ironic that Mormons like you want to have your rights and rituals deemed "sacred", yet you refuse to discontinue baptisms for holocaust victims.

In addition, Mormons fled Nauvoo to avoid persecution. However, Mormons are the first to persecute anyone who's lifestyle or beliefs differ from their own.

Good luck with that letter writing campaign. I'm sure that will work. Also, HBO knows that very few Mormons actually subscribe to HBO because of the large amount of R rated content that HBO displays. It's an idle threat.

Christy and Adam said...

A- I find it interesting that you didn't post using anything other than your initial. What we deem sacred is sacred, and neither you, nor anyone else has the right to say otherwise. I also find that you have done your research....partially. We HAVE stopped baptisms for the holocaust victims, unless at a family members request. If by persecution you are referring to the LDS support of the recent prop 8 then you have a very narrow definition of persecution. While I highly doubt that the letter writing campaign will stop the episode from being aired, we have the right to be heard.

Natalie and Tony said...

thank you for posting this. this makes me so sick that someone wants to display this on tv. I wish that people would respect others and leave religions alone. These are definitely the Last Days. I hope that it never airs. You are wonderful to keep us informed. Thank you!

Jena said...

this is from the church newsroom on the subject: