There are thou happy

Okay so I've been having a rough time focusing on the positive recently. When I say a hard time I mean it's been nearly impossible. I've been on a downward spiral, but no more. Starting today I am going to force myself to be happy and look at all the many blessings I have.

There is this scene in Romeo and Juliette where Romeo is in Friar Lawrence "cell" and whining because he's been banished and he's struggling to look at the positive things that are going on in his life. Friar Lawrence pretty much smacks him in the head and gives him about eight reasons that he should take a chill pill, and after each one he tells him there are thou happy so here are my happys....

First, I have the perfect husband for me. He is a worthy priesthood holder. If I am sad he always makes me smile. ALWAYS without fail. I got some ambiguous medical test results and was terrified. He came home with a fuzzy pink bunny and some peeps. He always puts me first, and even when I know he's having a hard time, he thinks of me. He is wonderful and I couldn't ask for a better honey. He tells me I'm beautiful many times a day. What a wonderful man....There are thou happy.

I have a temple marriage, and the gospel in my life. I have a calling that allows me to be around kids while I'm waiting to have my own, and while my family is so far away. There art thou happy.

I have a wonderful and loving family, who supports me and does their best to help me where they can... There art thou happy.

I have a home that allows me to have my own office space, that I can close off when I'm not working. I feel safe in my home and have plenty of food to eat, and clothes to wear. I have a computer and the ability to learn and feel, and make decisions on my own...there art thou happy.

I have a job that I can work from home, and I can continue to work even after I have kids. It also allows me to pay the bills...there art thou happy.

My husband has a good job where he is appreciated, and makes good money....there art thou happy.

I have time to get to know my husband and get to focus on just him and I. We are working to have children and I know the Lord will bless us when the time is right...there art thou happy.

When we were going to go to visit my family we didn't get stranded because our car was breaking down, because we didn't all the way there. I heard a knocking sound as soon as we got on the freeway so we turned around and the car didn't break down, and will last a little longer...there art thou happy.

15 March 2009

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Jessica and Robby Curtis said...


Hey I know times are rough and that it feels like life is crushing you down. I hope you know that you are amazing. I am so happy we became friends again. I never really told you that I was sorry for over reacting. I am so grateful that you forgave me. I love you and I love Adam because he takes such great care of you. Christy you are so wonderful. Thanks for being so great. Love ya tonxz


p.s. We are having trouble getting pregnant as well. Its no fun!!