Halloween Frusterations

I have some feelings I need to express about Halloween and Trick-or-Treating. Let me preface these feelings by stating that I love Halloween. I love to dress up and I love that I can leave the dust on my fans because it's spooky. I love the decorations, and I love how creative people are with their costumes.

I have no issues with trick-or-treating. I myself went trick-or-treating for many years. Here is my issue. Kids have gotten greedy. I even had someone ask if they could just have the rest of the bowl. This was about 8:00. I had another hour of trick-or-treaters! Grrr. My last frustration came at 9:45 PM all the lights in our house were off, indicating that we were out of candy. The TV was on and I was working so I was sitting at my computer. A group of trick-or-treaters came to the door and knocked. I didn't answer the door. So instead of moving on they started banging on the door and screaming "we can see you!!" I was even more determined to not even try to give them candy. So they pounded for a few more seconds and when the jumpd off our porch the shouted "thanks for the candy JERKS!" I don't know what's happened to manners. I tell you what though...if I had kids and they behaved like that the beatings would commence. And if they don't say thank you to every house the go to...well mom will not have to buy her own candy....I'm just sayin is all.

01 November 2009


dangjena said...

LAME! We get knocks at all hours, everyday (dorm mom) -- and that's annoying enough...but to have them yell at you through the window...THAT'S another story.

Lisa E said...

I think that would be the last time I gave out candy in my neighborhood. i'd give a donation to an animal shelter instead.