Okay so Adam and I were sitting here watching Tyra. (I will have a separate post about that in just a second) Just chillin. I felt both of our bodies tense at the same time. In our Garage I hear "ka-thunk"slow, rhythmic, repeating. I look at Adam, and being the brave man he is, went to the back door to protect me,himself and our home. He opened the door and.......there was the Elders Quorum presidency chopping and stacking our wood. Adam has a hard time doing it because of his bad back. No one asked them to do it. They just did it. Didn't tell us they were doing it, they weren't looking for recognition. They just did it.

Thank you to them. They are truly Christlike.

17 November 2009

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heather park-Hillhouse said...

thats awesome! that is what service is all about