The first Christmas night

I was thinking, as I so often do, while I was lying in bed, trying desperately sink into the sweet oblivion of dreamless sleep.  I was thinking about that first Christmas and the angels and the shepherds.  Mostly about the angels.  Their song and how joyful and triumphant it must have been.  How loud and engaging it must have been.  Then I had to stop and think,  if it was really as many angels as I imagine, it would have been a song that rang around the world.  How could people not hear it. How could it not be heard by every ear...and my thought was disrupted yet again. Every ear.  You must have ears to hear and a heart to understand.  That song, that I imagine rang around the world, would have been heard by those with a believing heart.  Those who heard the song, that sweet song of triumph, were paying attention.

That led to more thinking, yes I think a lot at night, what sweet songs of the angles am I missing, are we all missing, because we are distracted.  Distracted by our search for money, or recreation or ANYTHING.  I feel like if I"m not doing three things at once, I am wasting time.  At work I have music playing in the background, while I do three other things.  Even right now I'm watching a moving, chatting with my husband, surfing the web and writing on my blog.  Where is the time for silence, for listening to that quiet voice.  You know the still small one that tells you right from wrong and gives you direction.  We..I need to set time aside for quiet meditation. For listening. For reading peacefully. For my Heavenly Father, so I don't miss out on any more choirs of angles singing, and heralding  the  miracles of our day. 

06 January 2011

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Vanisi Family said...

Pangee, this is why i love you. I've had the same thoughts about this subject. This is why I don't facebook or even blog much...I am already too distracted & I don't want more reasons to be distracted. I'd rather take the time to sit in silence thinking about the things that matter most.