Another friday confessional


I confess....

I thought when I was done with progesterone I would stop being ornery. SURPRISE!!!! No. Now I'm even more ornery...and in Pain. And out of Twix. Adam is hiding from me because I've turned from THIS:

Into this:

and within seconds this:

It's intense. Poor Adam. Pity him. There is nothing he can do when these "fits" start. And I'm not even pregnant yet. Yikes.

I confess....

I have a strong desire to go camping....random, I know. But I've been aching to be outside. I spend so much time inside for work that I just want to be outside. Camping, and bon fire. Roasting Hot Dogs and marshmallows. mmmm....smores.

24 June 2011

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AndreaLeigh said...

sorry you are going through some emotional times! hopefully it will all be worth it!