The sweetest man in the world

Because I am going through progesterone withdraw (don't worry it's doctor prescribed) It's been a rough week with a lot of emotions and pain has ended up with me curled up in the fetal position crying more than once.

Adam has been so amazing to take care of me. His teasing has dropped to a minimum, which is hard for him, I know. I haven't had to cook once this week. When I dropped my mango pineapple smoothie and lost about 2/3 of it he offered to share his shake with me. Now Most of you don't know this, but Adam has pretty much give up sweets entirely. He hardly ever even drinks soda, but he indulged yesterday. And because I was about to cry because I was just that frustrated, he was gonna share his treat with me.

Because of everything, I'm not sleeping well. I wake up and walk around the house or take a bath two or three times a night (a hot pad would be awesome right now) and I'm so tired when I go to work I can hardly keep my eyes open. This morning it was even worse because I had to get up early to make sure I got everything done before I went into work. Well I woke up and showered and went to get some clean clothes out of the dryer and I saw a Krispy Kreme "Doughnuts Hot Now" sign on my door. I first thought, that's such a mean thing to do. Because Adam once told me that he would happily get me pictures of a doughnut. So I walked by in a huff, and then remembered all that he's done this week so I detoured into the office and found some fresh as you can get them at 7:30 AM Krispy Kreme doughnut holes on my desk. I went in and kissed my sleeping husband on the head.

I got cross with him the other day and told him he's not the one who has to take all the pills and go through all this garbage to have a kid...He looked at me really sad and said "No, I just have to watch you go through it, and there's nothing I can do to help"

How did I end up with such a sweet, kind, loving, supportive, fun (I could go on and on) and HOT husband???? (you should see his muscles.....drool) I am truly blessed.

Adam, you are an amazing man to put up me like this. Thank you. And I love you for ever and ever and ever and NEVER EVER STOP!!!!

25 June 2011

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joyce said...

Christy, the color contrast makes your post too hard to read. So I quit. I would love something easier--either the typestyle or something.