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Day 1

Day 01 → Something you hate about yourself.

Something I hate about insecurity. I hate that I can't be confident. I NEED validation. I can't just think, hey I wrote this story and it's pretty awesome. I have to show it off and have everyone tell me it's good before I believe it is.

It's not just my writing though. It's everything about me. My looks, my voice, my value as a person and a woman. I've had a lot of people tell me I'm beautiful. Hubby tells me at least twice a day. And yet I look in the mirror and I don't see it.

I see every flaw I have. Every pimple, every stray hair, every GRAY hair, every extra pound of Fat. It's like I have an ugly mask on and I can't see this person everybody keeps telling me about.

WHY is it so much easier to believe the bad stuff than it is to believe the good?

Maybe I should take a hint from Selena Gomez....

02 August 2011

1 Comment:

Kimi said...

Off subject but those sparkly heels...sooo cute.

I totally know what you mean here. I think we all feel like this at least some of the time. I know I always see whatever is wrong with the way I look long before I see anything good even if it is pointed out to me.

Love your guts. So excited for the 27th :)